Animal Crossing: Start a new island and trailer

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons has provided players with an island escape experience for nearly a year. By completing the collection of decorations, catching fish and bugs, making beautiful costumes, and establishing relationships with various villagers, animal crossing enthusiasts have spent months creating complex and personalized "New Vision" save files. However, it may be time for players to say goodbye to their islands and start over, and each Nintendo Switch only saves one save file. Starting from Animal Crossing means deleting the elaborate island home.

    There are many reasons for erasing "New Horizons" save files, such as trying to use another basic island option of Animal Crossing. At the beginning of each new game, players are provided with four preset island options. The characteristics of the waters on the island are different. The river destroys the land in different ways, provides a different landscape for the player's future projects, and provides the potential for the establishment of the entire new town.

    Nintendo has released the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizon trailer to Buy Nook Miles Tickets remind us of all the interesting things we will get next month.

    The new clip first introduces the cute little animals that you want to keep an eye on in the coming weeks. Our constantly evolving guide lists all the fish and bugs available every month, so if you don’t want to miss anything, be sure to check. Due to the recent update, February also brought some super sweet Valentine's Day gifts, namely the Festivale event on the 15th. There are also many new costumes to choose from. lovely.

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