The Path of Exile produced a lengthy declaration detailing the

  • Grinding Gear Games summarized the major balance changes that will be made in Path of Exile in the introduction of its upcoming league expansion pack Expedition last week, and we introduce them here. This week, a longer explanation was published on the POE website, explaining the ideas behind the changes and their goals.

    Overall, these changes are taking effect due to the continuous force creep that occurs during the game's life cycle. This makes many boss battles trivial, sometimes only requiring "a fraction of a second without any interesting interaction." The life level of low-level monsters will increase, and several key aspects of player construction will also change. POE Currency will bring players more new skills.

    Most of the manifesto covers the same topics discussed last week: support for gem reduction, flask system rework, and player disease mitigation. Generally speaking: the auxiliary gems that only provide damage buffs will be reduced, the charging speed of potions will be slower, and players can reduce diseases that do not rely so much on potions through new methods. The three movement skills, Fire Dash, Dash and Smoke Mines, are also not very effective and require more professional skills to make the most of them.

    There are more content in the manifesto, arcane surges, enhancements, damage multipliers over time, hidden mods, some points that are only worth discussing, and even some actual gains, so if you are a hardcore POE player, you I will definitely want to Buy POE Currency to improve myself. Expedition will start on 7.23, so you might even finish reading by then.