The final rebirth will not be included in the main version of P

  • The developers of the action RPG Path of Exile decided not to make the ultimatum part of the main game mechanics, but the content of the alliance may be returned to us in the future. In addition, a trailer for the 3.15 add-on will be announced this week. In the future, Grinding Gear Games will release a short trailer of the action RPG Path of Exile 3.15 DLC, which will determine the on-site announcement and release date.

    The developers announced that they will not use the ultimatum as part of the upcoming DLC  as part of the main game mechanics. Nevertheless, the team likes this content, and maybe they will return it to the project in the future (but in an adjusted form). The developers hope to improve the combat in the ultimatum so that skirmishes are less crowded and more tactical. GGG also doesn't mind adjusting the POE Currency balance.

    The idea behind the ultimatum reward system is to use the owner's advice as the main reward for the challenge. This is currently not the case, because too many items will be dropped at the end of the challenge. In short, the team will restore the balance to the previous state by making the recommendations of the challenge master as the main reward for completing them, while compensating for the closing of the loot fountain.

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