Path of Exile 2 opens a new era of ARPG

  • Path of Exile 2 made its debut in November 2019 during Grinding Gear Games’ own live event ExileCon. Until recently, the company remained silent on Path of Exile 2 on the radio while focusing on communicating with players about the content of Path of Exile. However, on April 8th, a live conference revealed a new trailer for Path of Exile 2. And exciting game graphics.

    This game is incredible in art and aesthetics, and its world-building narrative seems quite unique. Path of Exile 2 The improvements of the previous game can easily be discovered in the form of a slower battle tempo, new weapons and related skills, and important things happen when using abilities . For these reasons, it is natural to believe that Path of Exile 2 will be a major step forward for Grinding Gear Games and its creation. In any case, it’s hard to shake the feeling that Path of Exile 2 may encounter similar problems compared to the current expansion of Path of Exile. If the focus of the game is simply amazing from a graphical point of view, then it has succeeded with brilliant colors. However, the game first needs to be good at playing.

    The sequel should not have classic path of exile issues, such as screen chaos, monsters accumulate aura and become unkillable, POE Currency are significantly better than most other factors, etc. Path of Exile 2 Avoid collecting anonymous unique items that don’t feel unique at all, or implementing a production system that lacks a deterministic method, and rugged extensions with many technical issues.

    It’s not easy to achieve all of this. Although Path of Exile 2 is a way for Grinding Gear Games to restart and make the sequel into Path of Exile, there is no guarantee that this will happen at the time of release. Conversely, in terms of the improvements it brings, Path of Exile 2 may be a slow burner. Otherwise, its public beta phase may begin in 2022, allowing players to find problems in time before the official release, so that Buy POE Orbs is more in line with gamers' expectations of the path of exile.