Madden NFL 22 ranks potential candidates for this season's icon

  • Again at that time of the year, we are looking forward to who will add a lot of content to the cover of this year's version of Madden NFL 22. EA Sports announced that the cover of next season will open this Thursday. 17 And the company also gave us a short trailer.

    Three of the past four Madden NFL cover players are quarterbacks, so it makes sense that our first choice is to line up below the center. Beal quarterback Josh Allen is the ideal choice for the latest video game series, especially after the 2020 season, he was promoted to an MVP-level quarterback. Allen's passing yards and passing touchdowns last year set a career high, and after participating in the AFC Championship game, Buffalo was on the brink of a Super Bowl appearance. At this stage of his career, he has been firmly in the position of a superstar, and the Bill Mafia certainly hopes to see him become the first player in team history to see his face and team logo on the cover. Madden 22 Coins can unlock all your favorite characters.

    Although the idea of  a defensive player on the cover of the Madden NFL may be ridiculed, it is not unprecedented. Richard Sherman became the last defensive player to serve as a team screen player in Madden NFL 15. Before that, we also saw Troy Polamalu and Ray Lewis there. If you are looking for a cross-ball screener, there is no more dominant player than Donald, who has been a member of the 99 club for four consecutive seasons. With this in mind, apart from the final coverage, there are not many other areas in the game that can be upgraded.

    Once the trailer is released earlier this week, everyone will immediately assume this combination. Of course, Tom Brady is widely known as the greatest player of all time (G.O.A.T), and Patrick Mahomes is regarded as the next great quarterback to follow in his footsteps. Therefore, it is natural not only to think of the possibility or possibility of two athletes on the cover, but also when EA Sports trots an old goat and a kid in the trailer, it is hard not to think of Brady. And Mahomes. The two quarterbacks are no strangers to the cover of Madden NFL. Brady added glory to Madden NFL 18 and Mahomes, and a few years later, Madden NFL 20 followed suit. MUT 22 Coins can let you experience a more exciting game.