Innovative content of Path of Exile Ultimatum

  • The ultimatum is the newest way to exile, but GGG’s original vision for the league was to allow players to avoid their mechanics in order to survive. Grinding Gear Games has been committed to turning each Path of Exile expansion pack into a blockbuster that can only be watched by viewing all the newly added trailers. Heist is a very ambitious alliance with a lot of content and players to do, new loot, new gems, new game modes, improved old content and 13 new NPCs in a patch. This idea is great, but the quality of life, problems, failures and other applications are relatively lacking. The alliance feels like some kind of public testing content, not a real expansion.

    Ritual was launched after Heist, and there was no deprivation issue when it was released. Several patches are needed. Overall, the idea behind the extension is not bad at all, but its implementation and actual gameplay make players unsatisfied. Many people think that the mechanism behind the ritual is insignificant at best, and even trivial at worst. Path of Exile: The Ultimatum is very promising in its trailer and full display, but it does have some problems that make it less optimistic.

    The premise of Path of Exile Ultimatum is that the player will encounter a mysterious Val character named "Master of Judgment", who will provide rewards for completing the task. If the player survives the encounter, the Trial Master will issue an ultimatum to them: Either choose the rewards already obtained, or POE Currency Buy can get better rewards. This means that the alliance can use blood sacrifices, blood curses, etc. It is highly compatible with the entire Var theme.

    In terms of gameplay, this premise allows players to choose modifiers that increase the difficulty of each encounter when facing multiple games in a row to obtain better POE Currency. After multiple selections, the level of the modifier will increase, so it will be more dangerous than before, and new monsters in the area will make things more difficult.