Madden 22 cover will be different this year

  • EA CEO Andrew Wilson has high hopes for this year's madden 22 and revealed to us some news about a possible cover. This year's game is expected to have some changes, and we should see it for the first time this month! See what you can get from the new cover below.

    Madden 22 has no official release date, we may still have a long way to go now. Madden 21 has reached the next generation, and the next generation version of the game has been postponed. But now players can also use MUT 21 Coins to enhance themselves. This means that, with the exception of the usual Madden schedule, we will not be able to set a release date before May. If Madden 22 goes according to plan, you can predict the August release date based on the previous version.

    Regarding the new cover of Madden 22, Wilson has something to say: "This year we will do something different on the cover. I won’t say anything else. Apart from saying, I’m "what I really did for the team." I am proud of my work, including games , covers, and the marketing we will build around Madden. "It looks like EA must have confidence in their new game!

    As for the cover player, Wilson has been keeping it secret. "Well, we will know soon. I reviewed with the team a few days ago. I can tell you that they have more surprises in the works," he said. I saw Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson on the cover last year, but it looks like this will change again. Can the goat Tom Brady appear, or will EA use some rookie talent this season? Players can get more madden information in GameMS, and MUT Coins can also give you more surprises.