Will madden 22 be released on EA Play Live this summer?

  • For months, I have been guessing when we will finally be able to see Madden22. I think no one expects it to last such a long time. As I have mentioned countless times, EA usually uses the popularity of the NFL draft to announce at least the latest installment of its annual football franchise. At the very least, they will announce the cover athletes while retaining most of the details of the summer. The initial announcement is usually issued in April or May.

    But now we are close to the end of the month, and there is no sign that EA has any plans to announce Madden22. It seems that the publisher may just be waiting for the full release of EA Play Live. EA’s annual summer showcase will return this year, but one month later than the usual showcase. However, this year EA Play Live will start on July 22. E32021 will return as a digital event on June 12.

    EA held its own summer show, I am not sure if they will participate in E3 in any way. Maybe they will try to take advantage of the buzz and announce Madden 22 at least in June and save the details of their activities in July. July will be the longest time we have to wait for the release of the new Madden game. And the game is usually released in late August, so there is not much delivery time provided. But there is no doubt that Buy MUT 21 Coins will allow you to unlock powerful skills.

    It is not clear why EA has waited so long to release Madden 22, but I want to know if it is related to the first game in the series developed on the next-generation product. Although Madden 21 did jump to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, it was not built with the next generation of hardware in mind from the beginning. I think Madden 22 will be the first game developed with Xbox Series X|S and PS5, and if there are any adjustments, it can be scaled down for older consoles. Therefore, perhaps EA is using this extra time to ensure that everything is carefully polished to make a good first impression. If you want to be more relaxed in madden 21, you can reach it through MUT 21 Coins.