The Path of Exile update will be good for the VRAM of your gra

  • When we talked about Path of Exile at the beginning of this month, we talked about the memory of one of the NPCs. The next patch for the game will be released later this week and will solve the memory problem of your video card.

    Chris Wilson of Grinding Gear Games provided all the technical details last week. The key is that DirectX 11's new Vulkan rendering system and video RAM issues in POE may cause game performance to drop or even crash. Do you think these results are not conducive to the gaming experience? The conservative solution blurs certain textures over time, which is not the main problem.

    The new solution Maximize VRAM can load content quickly, while allowing players with low-end graphics cards to easily manage content. The update status update has now been released and can be deployed as soon as tomorrow. If the player needs to perform this operation manually due to poor performance, there will be a clear cache button. When the game runs to a certain time, there will be a certain degree of difficulty. Players can use POE Currency to make themselves in the game more smoothly.

    Grinding Gear Games said that after the patch is released, it will pay close attention to player experience reports. Other graphics fixes (such as invisible monsters and performance diagnostic tools) have also been filed for future use. It is not easy for novice players to play the path of exile, but there are some shortcuts you can choose, such as POE Currency Buy will bring you a better experience.