Path of Exile offers purchased cursors, but can you point out t

  • Path of Exile has been monetized by cursors. Now, you can buy Grinding Gear Games for $10 and get a pack of five custom cursors. These cursors are inspired by the Wraeclast civilization. You can enjoy them while managing the game list or browsing the entire game. The high-contrast cursor has also been added to the game for free.

    If you think this is an incredible profit, then you are not alone. The Reddit topic dedicated to cursors has a few This is an April Fool's joke type of comments, as well as some replies that are not up to the standard. At the time of writing, the video's turnout rate on YouTube was only 16/84%.

    From the perspective of people who don’t play POE, both of us are confused about GGG’s choice to go this route-they definitely need to make POE Currency, but this is a strange way and understand the response. The cursor is just the most unnecessary decoration in the game, as you can imagine, to win a win-win situation. Although I have encountered problems with overly aggressive monetization, even if it is pure cosmetics, in other games, I think that even if I am a POE player, this will not bother me.

    I am also not a person who agrees with the slippery slope argument, because many Redditors have raised the question of What's the next step? At least one is citing the terrifying big dad Tencent, which acquired a majority stake in GGG three years ago, but apparently chose to bankrupt the company only now.

    However, this makes me wonder: what is next, the monetization of Path of Exile or other games, where will you draw the line? To be clear, what I am talking about here is purely decorative, non-random microtransactions, just like cursors, they will not affect the gameplay in the slightest, and will not even emit foul loot around. Along these routes, do you think the bridge is too far? POE Currency Buy makes it easier for you in the game.

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