The path of exile has gone through a difficult week of PR strug

  • Grinding Gear said that they will not allow streamers to skip the queue in the future, and they will develop contingency plans for marketing activities in response to such situations.

    Earlier this week, Grinding Gear was already working on a completely different problem. Players who claim to have been banned by Path Of Exile have attracted attention because they claimed to use macros necessary to play the game due to a physical disability. The post caught the attention of Steven Spohn, COO of Able Gamers. GGG responded that they could not find a record of the ban, but it has been linked to the original poster.

    The post was later discovered to be a scam, allegedly by a faculty member who tried to give their class a lesson about misinformation on social media. Of course, media literacy is very important. If you use the real challenge of disabled gamers as a demonstration, then I think your lesson plan is in the trash can. Grinding Gear told PC Gamer: "This is undermining the legitimacy of the actual problem, and the Twitter thread is causing us quite serious PR damage." Spoon was also frustrated with this situation, he said: "The POE Currency makes The world has become more difficult for legally disabled persons to gain the attention of developers."

    For the shooting route, this is definitely a busy week. According to GGG's statement on this situation, Buy Exalted Orbs appears to have led to an improvement in the start-up process. They learned valuable experience from marketing activities. They try to do this by researching and addressing the needs of disabled players. It is hoped that the composition of this actor will not prevent other disabled exiles from admitting their concerns.