Path of Exile: The latest details about the sequel, the trailer

  • Matthias Brückle on March 26, 2021 at 12:00 pm-In Road to Exile, the next patch will be released: Update 3.14 and the league ultimatum that follows. The latter is now shown in a small trailer video, and the upcoming live broadcast will reveal all the information-it will show "Path of Exile 2" for the first time since Exilecon 2019.

    Who shot the clock in "Path of Exile"? The etiquette league is about to end, and the next league is coming. The developers have revealed the first trailer for the following patch 3.14 and the accompanying league: it is called Ultimatum, and like the current league ceremony, will once again provide POE Currency and hordes of monsters in the Wraeclasts area Special event.

    In addition to this trailer, the specific information about the ultimatum atum is still trivial, but the official news will be announced soon: April 8th at 10:00 pm, the official Twitch channel of "Path of Exile" will provide information about the new league. Detailed information, including Q&A with popular streaming media ZiggyD and GGG boss Chris Wilson himself.

    The sequel to Path of Exile became relatively quiet. At the ExileCon conference in November 2019, this super update was released. It will provide new playable characters, additional battles, and the long-awaited comfort and engine adjustments. According to Chris Wilson, the corona pandemic has made development more difficult, and the game’s official page states that the beta will start as early as 2022. As part of the live broadcast on April 8, it should be the first glimpse of "Path of Exile 2" since ExileCon-this is the first time in more than a year.

    Curious about the news about Path of Exile 2? Or you don’t want to stop hearing about the sequel until the release is closer? What do you think of the Ritual Alliance? Write to us in the comments and Buy POE Currency maliciously to greatly enhance your game fun.