Star Wars: The Old Republic-a recurring incident of pirate inva

  • I play several MMOs at once. Not only do I like superheroes, comic books and DC Universe Online, but I also have a soft spot for the "things" of Star Wars. Not surprisingly, my other most popular MMO is "Star Wars: The Old Republic" (SWTOR). SWTOR's recent repetitive event "Pirate Invasion" is over. When I played the game again, I kept asking myself, is the repetitive event in the MMO "fun" or just "SWTOR Credits"?

    Like many modern MMOs, "Star Wars": "The Old Republic" often has repetitive events. It is a series of activities, usually after completing the activities will produce rich returns. Recurring events may last for several weeks, while for "pirate invasion" it lasts for several weeks. Before delving into the emotional aspects of repeated events, let's talk about the "pirate invasion" event.

    "Pirate Invasion" applies to player characters of level 20 or higher. The background of the story revolves around the game on the remote planet Dantooine. Dantouin participated in the escalation of hostility between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. A secret organization called "Rising Star Blade" has "ignited" and has all guns launched an attack on this republican world. When the Republic tried to defend this key territory, the Empire planned to use chaos to cause severe damage to the earth, hoping that swtor credits would benefit them. Here, you are asked to calm down the "Sword of New Star".

    Recurring events revolve around performing a set of daily tasks, group tasks, daily combined tasks, and then performing compound tasks once a week. There are 6 daily tasks in the Republic and Empire. These tasks can easily be performed individually with your favorite friends. My favorite is "pirate". "In IGGM, you can buy Star Wars the Old Republic Credits and shoot Rising Star Blade. The general story mission of the game is different. This is the first daily mission in this event. I will do it every day.