The fleet and travel have been updated and improved in EVE Onli

  • In 2021, CCP Games has begun to reveal a batch of new content for EVE Online. Reign should be a more accurate statement. After the fleet and travel are updated, in order to maintain the freshness, more balance and meta changes are also provided. "Guardian's Grand Meeting", "Abyss Proving Ground" and "Hunting" will all return with some familiar activities.

    The new Fleet Discovery update is one of the main parts of Reign, and there is a new Fleet Up tool in its update. The central purpose of The Agency is to provide a more intuitive and useful experience for everyone when looking for an active fleet to join. Players can do the same thing with its help. In this way, it is not only more efficient but also completely destructive.

    In order to make the life of space pirates earlier, Reign also provides players with many quality of life updates. The visual update of the jumping tunnel animation is something you can notice. In the tunnel, the visual effects of specific areas reflected and the way home radio stations are managed and displayed on the map have all changed.

    A large number of return events will also be found in Reign. You can extract faction items, the appearance of the EVE Echoes ISK For Sale spacecraft, the skill point enhancer, and the effect of the supervisor in the "Guardian" dinner. If you want to spoil the celebration of Angel Cartel and Serpentis pirates, you can fly to known and wormhole space event locations. You can get rewards every time you log in.

    Bergur Finnbogason, as the Cheap EVE Echoes ISK creative director of EVE Online, said that New Eden will enter a period of reform and rearming. This year, their first quadrant, Reign, allows players to prepare for the upcoming event. Players who need EVE Echoes ISK in EVE Online can purchase it on MMOWTS.