In 2020, Path Of Exile received four new expansions

  • The developers of Path Of Exile stated that the sequel Path of Exile 2 expected in 2020 will not be released. Some people think that "Road of Exile 2" is a sequel. In November last year, Grinding Gear Games will be exposed at ExileCon.

    Path of Exile 2 is not a sequel to the tradition. Major updates to Buy POE Currency existing games in Path of Exile 2 are also being launched. At the end of 2020, developers will publicly test the version. 7 storylines, 19 new courses and the skill system are included in Path of Exile 2, which also contains the adjustment and improvement of the equipment system.

    In addition, Grinding Gear Games did not stop updating the first Path Of Exile. Recently, the developer announced a busy 2020 roadmap for the game. Throughout 2020, the roadmap indicates that the company plans to stick to its quarterly schedule for expansion. This POE Chaos Orb roadmap shows that the expansion time will be one to two weeks longer than before. In order to ensure that larger products have enough time for comprehensive testing, they will deal with various holidays and activities.

    The development team will develop the large version of 4.0.0. At some point in the year, there will be a lot of content here. They are also expanding the team on the console version, which will allow for faster updates and player support. You can start your Path Of Exile work based on ExileCon 2019 feedback.

    Path of Exile 2 also has promotional activities for the original game at the time of release. This is why the developers continue to work on expanding the game. On PS5, Xbox One and PC, the sequel will be released. In the game, if players need to buy cheap POE Currency, then I think they log on to the IGGM website to help you.