On PC, Path of Exile implements Harvest extension

  • Now, Path of Exile players can stop crossing their fingers. The latest extended version of the game has been released, and there are no major issues now. Path of Exile: Harvest was released on PC last Friday, and one of the most ambitious extensions of the long-running dungeon crawler to date is Path of Exile: Harvest.

    For fans of Path of Exile, a new NPC named Oshabi is the center of Harvest. Players look after the sacred garden under their guidance. Players who want to find seeds to be planted in the holy bush must bypass the island of Wraeclast, so that players can increase contact with monsters and collect their vitality. The unique dungeon style in Path of Exile is integrated with the city builder, which is very similar to "Sim City" or "City: Skyline". In the game, we did not see anything.

    Its production system is one of the favorite aspects of the Harvest League. Chris Wilson of "Ginding Gear Games" designed a more powerful production system than ever before. How did Path of Exile players push Harvest's powerful production potential to Buy POE Currency the limit.

    There is a lot of content in the latest update. This Path of Exile Currency game has the addition of Harvest Challenge League and handicrafts. Players have carried out a comprehensive renovation of the passive tree and thoroughly checked the Warcry, Brand and Slam skills of the game. The game's Delerium League has been integrated with the full game.

    The end of Grinding Gear is worrying. Harvesting has also been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Players can view more information about the latest expansion. Players can buy cheap POE Currency on a website called IGGM, which is very convenient for players.