Path of Exile's upcoming expansion

  • In 2013, the action role-playing game Path of Exile in the Diablo series was released. In 2011, Path of Exile has been running spells and chaotic events. Path of Exile released its latest expansion, Harvest, later this month. For a long time, this is what the new content brings.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, the development of the alliance has been evolving. Wilson said the team also encountered a lot of difficulties. The confinement of Grinding Gear Games' origin in New Zealand has ended, allowing the staff to complete production on Harvest.

    A new NPC named Oshabi appeared in Path of Exile: Harvest. As the guardian of the sacred forest in a garden created by an ancient race, Azmeri abandoned Oshabi because of his interest in nature and the earth. Oshabi used seeds to plant groves in Harvest to help her complete the nominal exile mission in the game.

    Players enter the game world for adventure. After collecting the seed storage, they return to the magic forest area. In order to make more items to assist the task, they planted them around the life force collectors in a strategic mode. There are different seeds that can be cached in each region. Oshabi will create a portal for players after opening one of the caches, through which players can return to the Path of Exile Currency sacred jungle.

    In the Sacred Grove, players collect seeds after collecting seeds. Various agricultural elements have been introduced into the game. After the seeds are scattered underground at will, the POE Currency key to obtaining life energy faster is to collect the most life energy from the farm in an efficient way.

    Players can grind experience after the seeds mature. Bigger beasts will give birth to rare seeds, and better loot will fall out. If players need POE Currency in the game, here is a safe and reliable IGGM website with many cheap POE Currency.