EVE Online refreshed two Guinness World Records

  • EVE Online won another world record for another battle. In the M2-XFE battle, the players' efforts allowed them to obtain two other world records in the game.

    The two parties were called "World War Bee 2" in the M2-XFE massacre. The two sides have had the biggest battle in the current player war. The two sides have more than 1,000 Titans, 400 supercarriers and 400 dreadnoughts. During the New Year's Eve battle, they clashed. The effects can be felt even after a month.

    In the war, about 257 Titans were wasted. 3,4004 ships were lost in EVE, making it the most expensive battle in EVE history.

    On the EVE Online blog, CCP Aurora wrote a detailed breakdown report. They lost 29,111,604,784,863 ISK when converting EVE's premium currency PLEX as a base point. This EVE Echoes ISK time is the Titan that has lost the most in EVE Online ever.

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    In the Cheap EVE Echoes ISK upcoming update, CCP Games set up a monument to commemorate the achievements of players in this battle. This is to praise the players who continue to push EVE to higher heights in each battle.

    Another milestone for EVE Online and its players is the massacre of M2-XFE. Bergur Finnbogason, as the creative director of EVE Online, said that the ongoing war in New Eden in the past year is extraordinary. In our virtual world, we have won two Guinness World Record titles. This is due to our professional community.

    On the EVE Online website, we can read the complete breakdown in order to learn more about the battle itself. If players need EVE Echoes ISK in the game, they can buy it on a website called MMOWTS. MMOWTS is a safe and reliable website to provide convenience to players.