What to Look for When Buying A BBQ Grill Mat

  • The Mesh Basket Heat-Resistant is an accessory that makes life a little easier and also unlocks new ways to use your grill. It’s essentially a reusable, safe to use thin mat with no gap that sits on top of your grates while you cook. Food stays off your grates, doesn’t fall through to the flame, and the barrier between your flame and food prevents flare ups and scorched food.

    What To Look For When Buying A Barbecue Grill Mat?

    There is a wide range of grill mats available in the market. Here are a few things to look for when buying BBQ grill mats.

    Food Safety Certification

    The essential thing to look for when buying a barbecue grill mat is food safety certifications. It should be made from food-grade materials and must be free from dangerous chemicals like PFOA. Buyers must consider BBQ grill mats that are FDA-approved instead of the non-approved ones.

    Heat Resistance

    Heat resistance is an important feature to look for in a grill mat. The rating determines how much temperature it can withstand without the risk of burning. Most barbecue grill mats have a maximum temperature rating ranging from 400 to 500°F. A few of them may specify a time duration along with the temperature rating. E.g., some BBQ grill mats may have a temperature rating of 250°F for cooking longer than 30 minutes and a temperature rating of 400°F when cooking for a few minutes. Buy a grill mat whose heat resistance is adequate for your cooking needs.


    Quite a few grill mats can be used as a roasting mat or a baking mat in addition to grilling. They can be useful for cooking in an oven in addition to a grill. People who use different cooking devices can consider a multipurpose grill mat.


    Reusability of BBQ grill mats is another feature that should be factored into the buying decision. Most of them are designed to be used multiple times, while a few of them can be used several hundred times. Buy a barbecue grill mat that is suitable for your cooking frequency.

    Optimum Thickness

    The thickness of barbecue grill mats must be considered when buying one. The mat should be thin enough to leave grill marks and a rich flavor while being thick enough to ensure heat resistance and durability.

    Easy To Clean

    BBQ grill mats must be easy to clean and maintain. They should minimize stains and grease and be easily washable. Buy a grill mat that is dishwasher safe or can be hand washed at the very least.

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