Animal Crossing can realize any wish with the player

  • When you sleep in the game, you can dream, and dreaming means you can set out to explore other islands, during which you can explore several very different types of islands. All you need to know about the dream of animal crossing and where you can choose to go if you want.

    Usually, in the process of dreaming, there is a difference between regularly visiting another island through the airport and traveling to and from one island. The meaning of the ACBellsBuy store is to help players Buy Nook Miles Tickets. First of all, you cannot carry any items with you. If you do make an effort to bring your belongings, then the game guardian will take everything from you but don't worry, you will take everything back.

    When you visit Neverland, you can't do much. You can browse or download the custom design you encounter, but it can be done. As for access, it depends on the person who designed it. You can set the password shown on your passport and map. This is the way people visit your island by sniffing.

    This may be how you can find other codes to reimburse access fees. Player Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets is just one of the ways to experience the game quickly, and players can also team up with their family members to achieve the joy of the experience. If you do consider going to a certain place during the whole sleep process, then you have to pay special attention here, then you will not be able to put on the transformation wand suit.

    Compared with real life, it is much easier to enter the game and realize the wishes in the game, which makes us very jealous. As you might expect, there are many to choose from. Anyone can dream, which means you can search in many places.