Animal Crossing: How to help friends get colorful feathers

  • In the weeks before the Festival, you can buy themed furniture and clothes from the store to help you celebrate the holiday. You can also get some reactions from Nook's Crazy, which may help you dance and throw confetti.

    At the Festival, these feathers will fly from the sky. There are magical items in the ACBellsBuy store, and players can Buy Nook Miles. The furniture purchased in Crazy in Nook may be customized in various colors, you need to use Rainbow Feather to achieve this, and this can only be obtained from Pavé at Festival.

    After trading 9 decorative feathers, you will need 3 rainbow-colored feathers to trade the pavé to your Festivale Float item, which may only be obtained during certain festivals. To make rainbow feathers, you need to provide each other with a color: red, blue, green, and purple.

    You can capture them all on the net. To get a DIY recipe for rainbow feathers, please talk to Pavé outside of the permanent service department. Players Buy ACNH NMT can talk to Pavie faster. You can also exchange feathers with villagers in exchange for an over-colored feather.

    Players can replace three of the feathers of one color with Pavé's Festivale furniture, and he will provide you with furniture of the same color because you will give him feathers. You can also replace a Rainbow Feather with random furniture for beginners.