I think that is a major thing that we've got to mend

  • SEATTLE -- Three sacks and eight quarterback hits failed to tell the narrative of Mut 21 coins how much Russell Wilson was under fire during a 17-9 loss to the Green Bay Packers from the 2017 season opener. Wilson was forced on 44% of the dropbacks. The Seattle Seahawks' pass block win rate of 24% still stands as their third worst in any game since ESPN started tracking the stat that year.

    Afterward, Wilson tipped his cap to Green Bay's defense, praised some of his offensive teammates and looked ahead to another game with his typical positivity. "We are going to have to figure out what we will need to do in order to get a little bit better; it is really that easy," he explained. "It wasn't like we were far, far off or something like that."

    Wilson replied questions that afternoon the exact same way he has throughout his nine-year NFL career -- without uttering a important word. That is the reason why it was so jarring when he went public with his frustration over most of the hits he's taken and said his desire for more say in the team's personnel decisions.

    "I think that is a major thing that we've got to mend," he said of Seattle's pass defense. "That's got to be repaired and has to be at the close of the day, because my purpose is to play 10 to 15 more years" It doesn't seem like a coincidence that Wilson's comments came days after Super Bowl LV. He wants to do what Tom Brady is performing -- win and play well into his 40s -- but realizes that may not be sensible if the status quo continues.

    He'll be 33 next season and performs in a cheap Madden nfl 21 coins branch with star pass-rushers such as Chandler Jones, Nick Bosa and reigning Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donald, whose dominance of the Seahawks continued with two sacks from the wild-card round to ship Seattle to another early playoff exit.