It is a shame which you could file multiple complaints

  • I think I had the same problem, my documents seemed to be corrupted when I moved back to mycareer but my players loaded in like normal. I say do what you recommended just wanted to 2K21 MT give some view

    It will not corrupt your files; there is absolutely 0 chance this happens as a result of the sync error. The only way it would"corrupt" is if you choose the wrong information you need to sync. The syncing is simply for your own cloud information so you can back up your PS5 storage in case that ever gets corrupted separately, or you change PS5s. Should you simply always choose to sync the right one (typicaly the newer one), then you'll have no issues.Tell that to all the people who have lost their players or had their MyCAREER progress reset.NBA 2K21 gamers on Stadia are essentially being scammed by 2K. I have managed to get a few buddies over to stadia due to this game. Now I feel ashamed and they're being skeptical about Stadia. Nuts

    It is a shame which you could file multiple complaints regarding a game just for them to refer you to the discussion form to indicate an improvement. It is January and the courts are still Christmas courts. If you look on console and Xbox, they already got New Years upgrades. The updates on stadia don't fix any bugs like they are fixed on computer keyboard. Which shows they did not take care of 2k21 on Stadia. They focused on advertising 2k20 because it was selling point to get people to stadia.

    While I understand that you would love to see the upgrade being rolled out to Google Stadia, here at customer service we are not able to try it, since it's managed by the development group. Customer care and the developers are different departments, so we are not able to make direct modifications to the sport such as making an upgrade for Stadia, so you'll need to voice your concerns within our forums, as this is the very best way to let the development team understand about this.

    Considering that the development team can not review this kind of request via customer support, please create a post on the NBA 2K Forums to offer your comments concerning the lack of Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins an update for Google Stadia.