Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your Rattan Furniture

  • It is important you choose the right Plastic Rattan Set for both the style and amount of free patio space and how you use that outdoor space. Its not just about simply buying a furniture set because it looks good – although this is important – or because its got 50% off in the end of season sale.

    Looks can be deceiving too. Don’t just buy the latest styles without checking the quality first. Paying attention to how outdoor furniture constructed and from what materials, will deliver a value-for-money purchase. Here are some of our helpful tips for buying the right garden furniture.

    Cost - Clearly, cost is bound to be one of the most important considerations when deciding on your furniture. Cost influences every purchase we make, and unless we’ve recently hit the jackpot on the National Lottery most of us are constrained by a budget. With that being said, many people make the common mistake of buying the cheapest furniture they see, but the best price rarely means the best value and opting for the cheap option usually means you’ll need to purchase another set after just a few years. Cheap, poorly-constructed rattan furniture that’s built from sub-par materials simply doesn’t last, so it’s important to strike the right balance between cost and quality.

    Reviews - When it comes to making online purchases, reviews act as a testimonial and are perhaps the best way to learn about the quality of the item or service you’re looking to buy. When checking a company’s reviews before making your purchase, try to spot any patterns in the comments previous customers have left. For example, if a high number of people are raising complaints about a particular fault with the products, this should set alarm bells ringing. While defects to the odd piece of furniture may occur from time to time, identical faults across a large number of products or constant complaints about the deliveries should be red flags for the buyer.

    Guarantee - A guarantee on your item is great for peace of mind, as you know you’ll be covered in the event your item starts to fall apart in no time. Each piece of our rattan furniture is built to last and we’re so confident in the quality of our goods that all our items come with a seven-year guarantee. This covers all furniture and weaves.

    While many furniture suppliers out there offer similar guarantees, it’s important to look into the companies you’re handing over your money to. Again, look into reviews and try to find out how long they’ve been trading; if a company has only been in business for 12-months, what good is a 10-year warranty when they might not be around to honour it?

    Delivery - This is another important thing to consider when making your purchase, particularly if your delivery contains fragile materials. While most third-party delivery/courier companies will usually try their best to ensure your items arrive in one piece, with thousands of drop-offs to make every day it’s not uncommon for your item to receive some rough treatment en-route. This is where you can really benefit from purchasing your furniture from a company who employs their own delivery team. Our two-man teams deliver nothing but Moda furniture, and arranging our own deliveries cuts out the middle-man ensuring your shopping experience is as enjoyable as possible.

    Good-Quality Frame - Weather permitting, you’ll be hoping to spend a lot of time on your rattan garden furniture, which means it's important you invest in a robust and durable product. While some of the cheaper products on the market may come with a lower price tag, the materials they’re made from are invariably cheap and likely to fail much quicker. With sun, rain dirt and pollen throwing everything it’s got at your furniture, you need a product that’s built to last.

    To ensure longevity, all of the frames used for our rattan furniture are made with commercial, rust-proof aluminium; we avoid using steel as before long it’ll rust and break, so if the frame’s made from this material then you should probably look elsewhere. We also make our furniture with fully welded joints and finish the frames with multiple coats of high-grade, powder-coated paint.

    Whichever the option rattan is an excellent garden furniture choice. You can click Plastic Rattan Set Manufacturer or to learn more information before you buying it