Finding Ronnie 2K in NBA 2K24

  • In the search for Ronnie 2K throughout the sprawling expanse of the City NBA 2K24 VC, players will now find him right by the serene beachfront.

    The discovery of Ronnie 2K at this unique spot serves as the gateway to unlocking the coveted Rebirth Perk. This perk bestows upon players the remarkable ability to restart their MyPlayers at a significantly higher rating, a remarkable starting point of 90 in this instance.

    To gain access to this transformative Rebirth Perk, players must first initiate the Rebirth Quest, a pivotal step available through the Special Activities Menu. Upon activation, a pop-up notification materializes on the screen, revealing the precise whereabouts of Ronnie 2K. Players are then tasked with following the provided directions, guiding them towards the 3v3 courts nestled by the picturesque beach. Amidst the throngs of players, Ronnie can be easily identified by the distinctive pool floatie wrapped around his waist.

    Having successfully located Ronnie, players embark on their journey to attain the Rebirth Perk. The quest unfolds by requiring players to attain a commendable rating of 90 before returning to Ronnie for a second pivotal conversation. As a generous reward for their efforts, players receive a substantial 3000 VC (Virtual Currency) to bolster their in-game pursuits.

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