EA Sports FC 24: Release Date, Platforms, and Features and more

  • The release date was widely expected, as an end-of-September berth is traditional for EA's football games. Indeed, there were few surprises during EA’s official reveal event for the new game. But perhaps that was the point. With a cover star confirmed and the vast majority of its licenses still very much in place, though, we've got all the details that are public about FC 24 so far, so read on to find out everything you should know about it.

    What is the EA Sports FC 24 release date

    EA Sports FC 24 has a release date of September 29. However, as we have come to expect from the series, there will be an early access period for those who have purchased the Ultimate Edition, as well as a trial via EA Play for members of the subscription service.

    The early access period that comes with the Ultimate Edition means you can play EASFC 24 from September 22.

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    What is EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team?

    The goal of Ultimate Team is to assemble your dream squad. How you achieve that squad, is completely up to the player. There are plenty of options to get there. Within Ultimate Team there are both online and offline game modes that you can enjoy.

    Just like in real life football, there is a transfer market within FUT. And with the introduction with cross-play, the transfer market is cross-platform between the Xbox and PlayStation (when PC EA?). On the transfer market, you can buy and sell players, but to buy them you need so called FIFA coins. And to no ones surprise, the top players are all very expensive, which means you'll need to win a lot, or invest and trade your way up.

    Next to active current players, there are also FIFA Icons. These are legendary players that we all know from football's history, like Ronaldo Lima, Maradona and Pelé. In total, there are more than 100 icons available in EA Sports FC. And then there are also FUT Heroes, which are a different group of retired football players every fan should know.

    What licences will EA Sports FC 24 have?

    It will be business as usual for EA Sports FC, with the bulk of official partners remaining with the game after the split with FIFA.

    In a blog, EA EVP and GM Cam Weber confirmed that, "more than 19,000+ players, 700+ teams, 100+ stadiums and 30 leagues that we’ve continued to invest in for decades will still be there, uniquely in EA SPORTS FC."

    The Premier League, UEFA (meaning Champions League, Europa League and Women's Champions League), Serie A, La Liga, MLS, Ligue 1, the Bundesliga, CONMEBOL and EFL have all been confirmed as partners.

    What can we expect from FC 24 Career mode

    There's no complete overhaul, sadly. EA Sports FC 24 splits things between Player Career and Manager Career. In Player Career, the big new addition is the Ballon d'Or inclusion mentioned above. You also get to select an agent, and can specify which club you want to aim for in your career - raising your chances or ending up with the team you support.

    In Manager Career, there are now seven identities you can set your club up with, such as Tiki Taka or Park The Bus. You then need to hire the right coaches to fit that approach. Training regimes tailored for individual opponents enable you to set up your team just right for the next fixture, and there's a new open-tour bus cut-scene included to celebrate league title glory, if you manage to earn it. AI decision making is pretty much the same as last year, however, so don't expect it to suddenly play like Football Manager.

    EA Sports FC 24 trailers

    We have only seen one trailer for EASFC 24 so far. It was what we have come to expect from this type of trailer, highlighting the players we can expect to use and offering glimpses into the gameplay. The biggest change we can see is women finally being added to the game, with them lining up alongside male players.

    The trailer also offers a look at some of the Icons in the game, confirming both Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham will be returning this time around.

    EA Sports FC platforms

    PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC players are likely to see the best version of the game, although PS4 and Xbox One users should see some changes upon release.

    Nintendo Switch fans will be hoping for more from EA this time around as the recent FIFA titles have offered very little in the way of improvement, with Legacy Editions released.

    EA FC 24: gameplay

    HyperMotion V is the new HyperMotion technology for EA FC 24, a huge upgrade on HyperMotion 2.0 in FIFA 23. Rather than using body motion capture suits with players from the lower divisions of Spain, EA has used volumetric video capture to go from capturing data in two games of football to 183 across the highest levels. In total, EA has 1.3 billion frames of data to make the game as realistic as possible.

    The new HyperMotion technology means that EA can now replicate real-life moments from games over the last 12 months to make gameplay look extremely realistic. There's also been a bunch of other updates to EA FC 24 gameplay using HyperMotion V, including the introduction of precision passing, Controlled Dribble Sprint, Effort Dribble Touch, Responsive Shooting and improved ball physics.

    Another new addition is PlayStyles, replacing the traits system from FIFA 23. 34 PlayStyles will be introduced in six different categories, with these PlayStyles giving players specific advantages in-game.

    For example, players with the Speed Dribbler PlayStyle will feel more agile than others, while players with the Trickster PlayStyle are able to pull off flicks and feints that other players cannot. These PlayStyles can be used across all game modes and can be applied to players in Ultimate Team as well as your Pro in Clubs.

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