What is the Rarest Sword in Diablo 4?

  • Diablo 4 is an action role-playing game featuring various weapons, including swords. The game has six rarest unique items, one of which is a sword called Doombringer. However, the rarest sword in Diablo 4 is The Grandfather.

    The Grandfather is a two-handed slashing sword that can be equipped by any class using two-handed swords. It is the highest rarity level available in Diablo 4 and complementary to the best build for any of the classes. The sword has devastating damage and is sought after, especially for those that rely on huge damage output to slay their way through Sanctuary.

    How to get The Grandfather sword in Diablo 4?

    The Grandfather sword is a unique item that can only be obtained by defeating level 85+ enemies. It is one of the six rarest unique items in the game, and it always drops at 820 Item Power.

    Farming these endgame activities could mean a grind for several hours if not more, but to get The Grandfather to drop would be worth it. If you’re not experienced in endgame content, you can check out guides on unlocking world tier four and the best approach for surviving and dominating Helltide events.

    In conclusion, The Grandfather sword is the rarest in Diablo 4, and it is a sought-after item due to its devastating damage and complementary nature to the best build for any of the classes. It can only be obtained by defeating level 85+ enemies, and it is one of the 6 rarest unique items in the game.