What Is Oil And Gas Gathering And Transportation Simulation Tra

  • The oil and gas gathering and transportation virtual simulation training system developed and produced by Esimtech can explain and train the principles and techniques of oil and gas gathering and transportation to the trainees. There're three main types

    Gas Production Simulator

    The comprehensive simulation system of gas production combines petroleum engineering knowledge, oil and gas storage and transportation knowledge and technology, computer technology, virtual reality technology, etc. The large screen can display the working status of the equipment, and the whole process is clear and easy to understand, which not only greatly shortens the training time of the trainees, but also allows the trainees to have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding.

    Gas Production Simulator

    The training system allows trainees to understand the internal structure and principles of various gas production equipment, and to familiarize themselves with typical stations and processes in the block.

    The training is divided into multiple levels, which can be used for the training of junior workers, intermediate workers, senior workers, technicians, and senior technicians.

    The Oil and Gas Gathering and Transportation Simulation System

    The oil and gas gathering and transportation simulation system uses an electronic sand table, process board, and touch screen as the medium, and applies computer, virtual reality, and other technical means to truly simulate the entire process of oil and gas storage and transportation from wellhead to joint station, to oil depot, and then to oil and gas export. The oil and gas gathering and transportation simulation system is based on the professional skill appraisal standard in the field of oil and gas gathering and transportation and is developed in combination with the actual situation on site.

    The oil and gas gathering and transportation simulation system can simulate the main process links, process flow, and process devices such as the collection of oil well products, gas-liquid separation, crude oil dehydration, crude oil stabilization, sewage treatment, oil and gas storage and transportation. The training system can realize the operation simulation training of technicians in the five major parts of the combined station, the long-distance crude oil pipeline pump station, the pressurized sub-transmission stations, the oil depot, and the LNG terminal.

    Oil Recovery Simulator

    The oil recovery simulation training system is based on advanced technologies such as computer simulation technology, virtual reality technology, field bus communication, distributed control, etc., and adopts the display method of image fusion, 3D projection ring screen, or LED large screen. It can intuitively and vividly display the various links of the station and yard process in the field of oil production engineering and the interconnection between them.

    Oil Recovery Simulator

    The oil production process simulation training system is used to realize various skill training and target assessment for oil production workers and water injection workers.

    1. The system can display a section of a single device.

    2. The system can preset faults during the training process

    3. The system can automatically judge and score the operations of the trainees, and print the final scores, thus greatly improving the training efficiency.

    4. The system can effectively make up for the deficiencies of the existing training system, not only its operation cost and maintenance costs are low, but also it can prevent students from damaging the training equipment due to misoperation.

    Using the system in conjunction with the existing training system can help students complete a good transition from theoretical learning to actual equipment operation, so as to consolidate theoretical knowledge and standardize operation.