PoE: Righteous Fire Inquisitor Build Guide


    Before you continue reading, I also possess a Juggernaut version of Righteous Fire. The juggernaut version starts Righteous Fire in Act 2. He scales armor to mitigate Elemental Damage, so you don't need to build a block. It’s extremely unlikely you're going to get one shot and barely take any physical damage. Now that sounds all excellent being so tanky, however, you will lose some advantages the Inquisitor provides namely: higher boss damage, more complexity because of ES scaling, nearly safe from curses, and simpler on-the-map mods. If you are completely new to Path of Exile which is your first build, I recommend you take part in the Juggernaut version that you could find here.

    Righteous Fire is a true Path Of Exile staple because of the skill gem’s introduction in Patch 0.9.9. The concept of running through maps while hordes of monsters die who are around you is a true Power Fantasy staple, which simple fact has kept Path Of Exile players going back to Righteous Fire, optimizing the build and adapting it to do well throughout each expansion & League before Path Of Exile: Crucible.

    From abusing Snapshotting to creating use of various Ascendancies to optimize damage and life regeneration, Righteous Fire builds have always driven players to beat the challenges thrown at us in Path Of Exile and discover a way around the many quirks the playstyle offers. This build is no exception.

    Build Overview

    In this, We’ll be outlining the professionals, cons, and general playstyle for that Righteous Fire Inquisitor. This will permit you to determine if this is the right build for you!

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    + League Starter – Though RF can feel daunting to League Start with, it is very doable, particularly in a Trade environment.

    + Easy Playstyle – A lot of content can be achieved by simply activating Righteous Fire and moving with the zone while using the movement skill/stopping for any split second to keep Consecrated Ground.

    + Extremely Tanky – Righteous Fire builds LOVE maximum fire resistance, along with the right setup you can push over 85% max resistances about this build with respectable EHP numbers.


    – Weak Early for uber bosses – Our primary bossing ability is going to be Fire Trap, it's more than playable with a little patience. Expect to get 4-5 million boss damage before large investments of currency.

    – Map Modifiers could be annoying -Max Resistance, Less Recovery & No Regeneration are pretty awful with this build. Later on, we’ll be also skipping – Reduced Aura Effect & Less Block Chance.

    – Always face tanking – While the RF Area Of Effect is formidable, we will for the most part be face tanking lots of hits, knowing when you should back off a little bit and play patiently is essential.


    The play style is it gets, activates Righteous Fire at the outset of a map, keeps your flasks, and tells you your map as the world burns who are around you. Using Frostblink Frostblink every couple of seconds, or just Shield Charge to sustain Consecrated Ground regen we obtain from the Inquisitor Ascendancy Pious Path.

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