Elden Ring: Blasphemous Blade Build Guide & Taker’s Flames Show


    Blasphemous Blade is a Greatsword relying on Strength, Dexterity, and Faith. This weapon includes a weapon skill called Taker’s Flames, which heals you for 10% of the max health, and 150% flat health on hit.

    This skill may cause pure Fire Damage, which is only proportional to Faith. So the greater Faith you've, the greater damage that you can do. You also heal for 4% of the maximum health so long as you hold the weapon, plus 40 health every time an enemy dies.

    If you discover Elden Ring too difficult and therefore are looking for an easy mode, then the weapon is perfect for you. Here I demonstrate my level 150 Blasphemous Blade Build.

    That Blasphemous Blade usually can be obtained by trading Remembrance from the Blasphemous with Enia at Roundtable Hold. This means you have to kill a Remembrance boss, that is Lord of Blasphemy, Rykard.


    For buffs, I like to use Flame, Grant Me Strength, and Golden Vow Incantation. With Flame, Grant Me Strength, you can increase Physical and Fire Affinities attack power by 20%. The other is Golden Vow Incantation, which increases damage by as much as 15%.


    For Seal, you can use a basic Seal for example Finger Seal. You can get this Seal from Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold. It costs 800 Elden Ring Runes. Luckily, you can also make use of the code "CSCCA" to obtain 5% off, so give it a try.cheap elden ring runes


    I may also use some Talismans to improve my attack power. If using Carian Filigreed Crest Talisman, you can reduce the FP price of skills by as much as 25%. Next is Shard of Alexander, which grants you a 15% increased skill attack power. So both of these Talismans are a must.

    Because most of the time I like to use Taker’s Flames weapon skill to hit the enemy. And another Ritual Sword Talisman can improve your attack power by 10% at full health. At Last, there's Fire Scorpion Charm, which increases your fire damage by 12% and physical damage by 10%.

    Crystal Tears

    You may also combine two Crystal Tears to temporarily improve your stats. With Crimsonburst Crystal Tear, you regenerate 7 health per second for 3 minutes. It also activates the result of Ritual Sword Talisman, because it helps me gradually regenerate to max health.

    You may also toggle it with Opaline Hardtear, which temporarily increases all Damage Negation by 15% for 3 minutes. Another Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear can temporarily improve your fire damage by 20% for 3 minutes if done properly.

    Overall, you’ll improve your AR from 751 to 1328, causing this to be built extremely powerful destroying most enemies and bosses hanging around.


    For armor, I like to wear a Royal Remains Set. Because when my blood volume is below 18%, it may also replenish my blood as much as 8/s.

    For an amount of 150 builds, you can meet the basic requirements for any Blasphemous Blade weapon. In this build, I put 25 points in Affinities. Because I thought it might be very easy and fast to replenish my health to the max if my health points were low.

    My advice would be to make sure you keep your distance from enemies and employ Taker’s Flames weapon skills. It’s easier to hit enemies from a distance and perform a lot of damage.

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