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    Jing Yuan is finally here, and here I’m showing his best team and Light Cones in Eidolon 0 and providing you with a guide regarding how to build Jing Yuan.

    Skills And Techs For Best Playstyle

    Before I explain how he works, there are some things you still have to know about him. My Jing Yuan is level 70, and also to show off his F2P potential, I’m likely to use Seriousness of Breakfast Light Cone.

    It’s fully stackable and you will get all copies from Forgotten Hall. Additionally, his Traces are upgraded to level 5 for basic attacks and level 7 for skills and ultimates.

    Now, he's the same base attack damage multiplier, much like every other character. He can only do low damage and generate 20 energy, the only real use which is to create skill points. But in this example, you most likely wouldn’t utilize it because you wish to activate his ability every turn.

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    Speaking of which, his skills deal low harm to all enemies, generate 30 energy, and increase Lightning Lord’s hit by 2 per action. Honestly, this skill is disappointing against just one target since the damage won’t be that high, however, the importance of this skill is that it builds Lightning Lord stacks.

    Jing Yuan summons Lightning Lord at the beginning of the fight so that as you can see around the turning track, he can act on his own. Lightning Lord will invariably have 3 Hit Counts, meaning he will deal 3 damage. But when utilizing the Jing Yuan skill, it may increase 2 hits, so when using the ultimate move, it may increase 3 hits.

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    Jing Yuan Showcase F2P vs P2W Light Cone

    So let’s start this damage reveal first by having a fully stacked Seriousness of Breakfast Light Cone. His abilities do 3407 DMG for an enemy and wind up doing around 7700 damage. This damage makes up about a Band of Sizzling Thunder 4-set bonus. You also wake up to 3 ATK stacks from Light Cone for a total of 24%, which is an enormous boost to break.

    But regardless, I think F2P Light Cone still packs a strong punch, with that said. As you can observe here, the private damage from Jing Yuan is staggering, particularly in the AOE scene.

    Jing Yuan Guide

    Now for a quick guide regarding how to use Jing Yuan.

    Best Relics

    His best slot relic set is a Band of Sizzling Thunder 4-set. But considering we’re all still at the start of the game, a 2-piece set combining this and the Musketeer set is a good choice. Or you can even go having a full Musketeer set.


    For stats, first, concentrate on getting Speed Boots, which is very important to him. Since his speed is really low, he needs it to assist him activate more regularly. Especially considering it would help him build more stacks for Lightning Lord.

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