Lost Ark: Berserker PvP Build Guide


    The Berserker is Lost Ark's undertakes the traditional rampaging warrior class, having a slight twist. He is fast, and beefy, and may dish out serious damage because of the opportunity. This gives the Berserker a decently high rank around the PvP tier list.

    In PvP, the Berserker plays a lot more like a hit-and-run assassin than the usual full-on brawler class. That's due to the fact his skills in PvP have high Cooldowns and that he can be gated by mana issues too. Don't worry though, his skills possess a devastating impact in battle if used properly.

    Core Skills

    Finish Strike is a highly damaging Push Immunity skill that Knocks Down. You can delay the 2nd part of the combo to increase the Push Immunity frames.

    The shoulder Charge is the main engagement and mobility tool. Try to be just a little unpredictable when utilizing this skill.

    Tempest Slash is a good combo skill that Knocks Down around the final strike. Try to wake up close to opponents when combining hitting with every area of the craft. Another tip is positioning yourself to Knock Up the opponent in the opposite direction.

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    Mountain Crash is a great tool for Hard Crowd Controlling opponents. Don't be afraid to toss it on enemies who are downed to lower their speed. Alternatively, it would help if you used the Earthquake Shock Tripod to trap opponents off guard using the ranged shockwave.

    Diving Slash is a great mobility skill accustomed to engaging or escaping.

    Red Dust is a highly damaging ranged skill. It applied heightened damage-taken debuff on opponents. Try not to throw it too much like a ranged skill, as it is a big damaging skill.

    Sword Storm is just one of your main Push Immunity skills having a powerful Hard Crowd Control mounted on it.

    Basic Combo #1

    Start with Shoulder Charge or Wind Blade.

    Follow the track of Tempest Slash. You can position yourself to Knock Up your opponent in the other direction by using the skill at a slight angle (try to be near to them).

    You can also add in Mountain Crash because they are falling.

    Finish with Red Dust or Finish Strike.

    Basic Combo #2

    Start with Shoulder Charge Start with Sword Storm.

    Follow the track of RedDust or Tempest Slash (you may have to walk inside a bit if they're too far).

    Can finish with Red Dust.


    Use popular and run playstyle; coordinate engagements together with your team and out after making use of your skills. Make sure to look at your Cooldowns and Mana before engaging again.

    Look to initiate onto enemies with Shoulder Charge or Hard Crowd Control all of them with Sword Storm or Mountain Crash. Follow the track of your Basic Combos.

    Sword Storm and Finish Strike are your primary Push Immunity skills. Delaying the two-part combo of Finish Strike allows you to increase the animation from the skill, providing you with more Push Immunity frames as needed (Hard Crowd Controls can continue to affect you).

    Transform with Bloody Rush Identity to briefly gain complete Full Immunity to counter opponents. It provides you with two Push Immunity skills (one of these grants Full Immunity.) along with a damage skill that Knocks Down enemies after activation of Bloody Rush again.

    Both Chains of Vengeance and Berserk Fury are viable Awakenings. Chain of Vengeance is simpler to pull off and may follow Sword Storm or Mountain Crash. It also gives more Identity Gauge. Berserk Fury is much more unpredictable and may potentially deal lots of damage.

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