PoE: Winter Orb Hierophant


    Winter Orb Winter Orb has notoriously been among the best mapping skills hanging around. This is because it “double dips” from cast speed benefits in a way that you want to get into it to create your channeling faster, meaning a shorter period not spent moving via a map, whilst also upping your damage significantly. The biggest problem with Winter Orb however is, and it has been for the longest of that period, probably since a particular nerf, it was very difficult to scale the skill as much as nowadays’ Path of Exile. Since I would rate Winter Orb as one of my best three favorite builds ever, I tried to generate an iteration that does precisely what I want it to complete. Zoom.

    If you’re searching for a hyper-glass cannon build that does maps in thirty seconds, this isn't it. If you’re conversely of the spectrum, searching for something that literally will go AFK inside a map when you are making coffee, this isn't it. Are you looking to clear super juicy T16 maps within 2 minutes, exploding multiple screens of monsters through Heralds, moving decently fast, and being squishy, although not squishy enough to ever die if you don't make an error? Then you’ve found the right place. This is exactly where Winter Orb Hierophant will take you to.


    This build utilizes some gimmicky tech to get to where it’s said to be. Please ensure that you read through the guide a minimum of a few times to know what it’s doing and why it's doing it as ignoring the slightest piece of the puzzle will make you feel very weak. Additionally, while doable from league start (individuals have done it before), it won't be performing the actual way it would should you reroll in it. You type of need a handful of key what to lift them back the ground rapidly but should you’re comfortable league starting a little slower, farming some lower tier content to obtain a few Divine Orb Divine Orbs to obtain your few key pieces to obtain rolling, then the is by all means an excellent starter because it will allow you to get caught up the curve extremely fast once it gets going.

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    Pros and Cons


    + Best mapping skill combination hanging around

    + Makes use of a lot of fun and little interactions

    + Can be played on the budget

    + Deletes maps inside a jiffy


    – If you get it wrong, for example, tank an Ice Nova box, you'll die

    – Therefore NOT HC Viable

    – Not sufficiently strong to kill anything outside maps

    Map Modifiers to Become Avoided

    Honestly, I rolled my maps 25% pack size & just went. There are several modifiers I would reason that are annoying, considering I didn’t worry about exp & ran a Cast on Death Support Cast on Death Support having a Portal Portal setup for the moments where I did die (so I could instantly return in and pick support where I left off), I just put things within the device and didn’t care.

    Obviously, should you don’t possess the sextants prepared to ignore them, you can’t do Elemental Reflect maps. Additionally, you can't run a map that has both No Leech & No Regeneration as you'll die on every pack, that simply doesn’t work. Either of these modifiers by itself is extremely annoying.

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