Honkai Star Rail: All Details On Combat & Characters


    You boot up Star Rail the very first time and tell yourself: “It’s only a turn-based RPG, how hard could it be?” “I’m already an experienced Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact player, surely the combat can’t be that complicated.” That’s wrong. At least, when you initially start.

    Looking at the various UI could be daunting to new players and also the combat itself includes a slightly different feel and different mechanics when compared with other turn-based RPGs. And that’s why today I’d prefer to clear up any confusion you've about Honkai: Star Rail. This guide covers everything you need to know regarding basic combat mechanics and new in-game terms relating to your characters.

    Character Types & Paths

    Before you be worried about actual battles, there’s enough detailed information online about your characters the game kind of throws at you having a bunch of different an eye on the character menu. Let’s introduce some crucial in-game terms which will set you up for success when you begin to enter the first battles.

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    Beginning in the primary details tab when you initially enter the smoothness menu, you’ll wish to pay attention to the area surrounding your character’s name, which outlines their combat type and path should you click on the exclamation point. Each character includes a type, which could be Physical, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Quantum, or Imaginary.

    There aren't any elemental reactions in Honkai: Star Rail, but creating a team using the right mixture of elements is very important due to a mechanic called Weakness Break, which we’ll cover later.

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    As for combat paths, characters are split into paths according to what their general role is within the battle. The seven different paths include The Hunt, Destruction, Erudition, Harmony, Nihility, Preservation, and Abundance.

    Light Cones

    The reason paths are essential is because of the 2nd tab in the smoothness menu labeled Light Cones.

    Light Cones would be the equivalent of weapons in Genshin Impact or Honkai Impact and therefore are most often obtained with the gacha system. In Star Rail, all Light Cones offer attack, HP, and defense stats whatever the wielder.

    What sets Star Rail’s weapon system aside from Hoyoverse’s other games is the fact that weapons only activate their passives when equipped with a character of a certain path. For example, Himeko’s signature 5-Star Light Cone necessitates the wielder to become a part of the Erudition path, meaning I can equip it on Herta, who is also classified as Erudition.

    You’ll determine if the effect is active when the text within the Light Cone ability section turns green. If I attempt to equip the same Light Cone onto Sushang, who focuses on single target damage and it is a part of The Hunt path, the passive won't activate and also the character only has got the base stats provided by the Light Cone. You’ll see the Light Cone ability now reads “Character isn't of the path of Erudition. Effects can't be activated” in red text.

    In addition to Light Cones, here's also the Relic system, which is very similar to Genshin’s artifact system with 2-set and 4-set bonuses. Relics will also be farmed using the game’s stamina system, so both of these equipable are the main methods to upgrade your character's stats beyond ascensions.

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