Genshin Impact: Baizhu's Best Build & Artifact Sets


    Baizhu has Bubu Pharmacy, working alongside Qiqi. He is never witnessed without his trusted snake friend, Changsheng, who's always beside him on his shoulder.

    Baizhu is a 5-Star Dendro character currently surviving in the city of Liyue in Genshin Impact and may be a great healing Support for the team. If you'd like to add online resources to medicine for your team, this is how you can build him.

    As a Support character, Baizhu can offer healing along with a shield to safeguard the Main DPS and Sub-DPS characters around the field. This means that his HP stat will have to be focused on greatly when building him because this is where the quality of his shield and healing can come from. Here is the artifact set we recommend.

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    4-Set Of Deepwood Memories

    A 2-Set of Deepwood Memories will give you Baizhu a 15 percent increase to his Dendro DMG Bonus. The 4-Set will decrease enemy Dendro RES by 30 % for 8 seconds after Baizhu's Elemental Skill or Burst hits enemies. This result can be triggered even when Baizhu isn't currently around the field. This set is ideal for those who wish to focus on making Baizhu a healer, but additionally allow him to provide support for that Main DPS from the team, assuming they're Dendro. Here are the primary stats and substations to choose from for that set.

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    All of Baizhu's healing and shielding can come straight from his HP stat, so you'll wish to focus on it for almost all of the Artifact pieces. Energy Recharge will make sure that his Elemental Burst is instantly available, so he can shield them.

    With the Deepwood Memories artifact set, you'll wish to give Baizhu a minimum of one other Dendro teammate to improve their Dendro DMG. Teams that may create Hyperbloom or Aggravate and Spread is going to be his best teams. Here are the very best characters to pair with Baizhu in addition to a few alternative characters.


    Character Type and Benefits

    Alhaitham (Alternative: Kaveh)

    Main DPS, Can provide powerful Dendro DMG and consistently apply Dendro to produce Reactions.

    Raiden (Alternative: Fischl)

    Sub-DPS Can provide strong Electro DMG to produce Hyperbloom Reaction and increase the team's Elemental Burst DMG.

    Xingqiu (Alternative: Yelan)

    Sub-DPS Can provide consistent on and off-field Hydro DMG to produce Bloom Reaction.

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