PoE: Poison Scourge Arrow Pathfinder Build Guide


    This Scourge Arrow Scourge Arrow Pathfinder is a character that will fit within the Bow–Ranger Archetype yet doesn’t sense like a typical Archer/Ranger. Scourge Arrow includes a very specific playstyle and also, since you’re mainly dealing Poison damage and very little on-hit damage, you’re not likely to feel like you’re playing a typical Bow character. Nonetheless, these kinds of builds can be very fun to experience and a nice change of pace from builds you may have already played.

    By obtaining a 100% Chance to Poison and scaling only Poison and Chaos Damage, you’ll be playing another kind of archetype than one would think. It will be using decent bits of gear but nothing impossible to get even for new players who want to push this build towards the higher levels. Should you be scared about gear that costs more than a couple of Chaos Orb Chaos Orbs, worry less we’ll be providing a really basic version too that's very easy to gear and that's Solo-Self Found viable.

    Even at Solo-Self Found amounts of equipment this build is capable of respectable damage while being incredibly tanky. Most people wouldn’t expect a Ranger build to ever be in a position to tank the majority of the incoming hits hanging around but this build does. It depends on Pathfinder mechanics in conjunction with Evasion, Spell Suppression & max Resistances to possess ridiculous levels of sustain and anti-one shot mechanics. Through playing this build you'll for sure be amazed as to how strong a Ranger build can get on the part of the defense! The only damage that may be somewhat annoying may be the incoming Physical Damage whether it doesn’t get evaded.

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    The main benefits of Scourge Arrow, an art that has gotten lots of help to be an enabler for Poison built by a few leagues ago, would be the stages the skill has and also the multiplier it offers. Through scaling Poisons from the stages we can get through the roof damage numbers even though we’re a Poison build. Also, since Scourge Arrow Scourge Arrow has a lot of mechanics that synergize using the mechanics of Poison, we obtain Poison many times with a single channel of Scourge Arrow. This means we can guarantee high levels of Poisons on all enemies and great uptime. Due to the Pathfinder Ascendancy, we also reach proliferate our Poisons, making our clear better still.

    Build Summary

    This Scourge Arrow Scourge Arrow guide gets pursued it completes all Labs and receives a decent quantity of gear. However, it’s very playable on starter gear because it doesn’t require any pieces or rolls to create the build function. On day 1 gear (even Solo-Self Found) you could easily overcome 2 million DPS and around 5.5K Life having a ton of extra layers of defense. While upgrading gear will certainly feel nice since you’re usually within the fray as the Poisons make time to kill your enemies, this kind of build should easily allow you to early red maps and allow you some currency to find the upgrades you need/want.

    Besides running Scourge Arrow, there are a couple of other activities you’ll do to amplify your Poisons. For starters, you’ll be managing a Malevolence Malevolence Aura to provide you with more Damage over Time and Poison Duration! Other than that, you’re running (Vaal) Grace and Defiance Banner to layer more defenses. Lastly, we’re managing a Herald of Agony associated with some utility supports for that Chance to Poison and also the “more Poison Damage” multiplier.

    Solo-Self Found

    In Solo Self Found leagues, I would still recommend this build to hunt a Darkscorn Darkscorn along with a Dendrobate Dendrobate. One of these is common, the other is a bit more rare but you’ll eventually encounter one. You’ll suffer from having a lot less damage and maybe even a tiny bit less survivability while you won't be getting the optimal items. I do heavily recommend looking to get a Taste of Hate Taste of Hate through Divination Cards though because it amplifies your Physical mitigation.

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