Elden Ring: How To Use Glitch To Get 70+ Million Runes?


    Today I’m likely to show you two great glitches in Elden Ring when you can do one of these will give you an insane advantage making the game simpler for you.

    The other gets you an incredible number of Runes, that can be used to change your character as well as your favorite weapons, or simply equip your character with a lot of runes.

    Kill The Boss With A Glitch

    So after that, I’m likely to show you the very first method, that will allow you to bypass a whole section of the sport to defeat a really tough boss, Commander Niall. We usually find this boss in Castle Sol on Mountaintops of Giants.

    If you can’t reach Castle Sol or defeat Commander Niall, you’ll have the ability to use this glitch to kill him without even needing to set foot in Castle Sol. After killing this boss, you will get generous Elden Ring Runes as a reward.

    Now you’re likely to move on, arrived at this resting point here, and hop on your horse. Once you’re in your horse, you’ll continue on the same path in Castlevania Isaac. We will go deep behind this huge Castle.

    Once you're able to the part in which the cliff is, you’re likely to keep traveling the wall and you’ll arrive at the edge of the cliff. Then you press the Spread button as well as your horse will sprint and gallop forward. Then start swinging your weapon after about 50 a minute. You’ll visit a popup proclaiming that you’ve already defeated the boss here.

    Elden Ring Runes

    But should you be likely to use this process for Runes Farm? I don’t recommend it, because the rewards that drop later won’t be much better. It’s about defeating Commander Niall in Castle Sol to obtain his loot. Of course, you will get a chest when he’s down, but when you want to obtain more Runes, the following method I’ll demonstrate will permit you to do so.

    How To Use Glitch To Get A Lot Of Runes?

    So you’ll move ahead and visit the second map, Underworld. This part of them is black and you've got to visit the red part of it. You’ll still the top of the cliff, this resting reason for this part from the map.

    This is to will hop in your horse, and then you will still run on the cliff. Never mind the enemies along the way, you simply keep sprinting plus they won’t have the ability to do you any damage. Since you’re too fast, you’ll keep running until the end of the swamp. Then you’ll visit a cliff edge and you’ll continue into the corner.

    There are going to be some invisible obstacles here. You just have to stick to the path. I ran to the advantage of the cliff top by scaling Cliffside. Now you can visit any part of it. If you have a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot, I recommend popping it because you’ll get extra Runes.

    But should you haven’t, don’t worry, simply jump once, then double jump from the cliff and swing your weapon. Then between 30 and 50 seconds, you receive 150 - 800,000 Runes. Now that appears to be a tremendous gap.

    For example, I’m on my small seventh playthrough. So I get between about 800 to almost a million Runes every time. So I can even get 100 million Runes in several hours. This approach is powerful.

    But should you be the very first one to experience the clearance. You’re looking somewhere for every jump, you open your map, then set everything to where it had been, and we’ll just keep repeating the procedure. As I said, it depends on your gameplay.

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