Genshin Impact: How to Find and Employ Fravashi Trees


    In the brand new ‘Girdle from the Sands’ area from Genshin Impact‘s 3.6 update, there are lots of interesting puzzles you’ll run into. One of these would be the Fravashi Trees, which seem like small, hollow trees. That is before you use your Sorush Gadget to interact with them and start the puzzle. If you’re wondering how you can find and employ the Fravashi Trees in Genshin Impact, keep reading this guide.

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    Guide to Finding and taking advantage of Fravashi Trees in Genshin Impact

    Where to obtain the Fravashi Trees

    Finding these trees could be tricky, and involves exploring this new area in the update extensively. Luckily, we’ve made a map that locates each of the 10 Fravashi Trees. Also, you most likely noticed that you simply require the Sorush Gadget to interact with these puzzles. Two of these trees also require that you simply progress with the ‘Khvarena of Good and Evil’ quest line, which is the one that gave you Sorush.

    Once you’ve done this, find any of the Fravashi Trees found on this map and get into Sorush mode. Using the might of Khvarena by utilizing Sorush’s ability will summon a Pari within the hollow tree. There are a few different puzzles between your 10 Fravashi Trees, and I’ll explain how you can complete them.

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    How to accomplish the Fravashi Tree puzzles

    Two from the trees, number 1 and two into the spotlight, will need the most amount of work to accomplish. These involve the Pari asking you to bring them three Udumbara Pistils each, which are found around Asipattravana Swamp. They aren’t visible like the majority of resources, so you’ll wish to look for six heart symbols across the cliffs from the swamp. Use Sorush’s ability in it and contain the activating key down. This will automatically make Sorush keep your ability going, and let you have total control of yourself simultaneously.

    A flower will sprout out of this symbol, as well as on the flower may be the Udumbara Pistil needed. These Fravashi Trees need three, so once you’ve collected the six Udumbara Pistils, provide them with to the Paris. They will reward you with having a chest along with a Plume of Purifying Light, as many of these trees do. You can use those Plumes to give the Amrita Pool within the Vourukasha Oasis.

    Another kind of puzzle using the Fravashi trees requires you to fight a little wave of enemies. The trees numbered three and four will summon enemies, but you’re probably accustomed to Genshin Impact combat right now. Keep in mind that getting towards the third one requires you to progress with the ‘Khvarena of Good and Evil’ quest line. The next puzzle you’ll see using the trees numbered five and six ask that you simply fly alongside the Pari. Become Sorush, and follow Pari before you arrive back in the Fravashi Tree.

    The last puzzle for trees seven, eight, nine, and 10 cause you to collect Residual Pari Fragments. Again, activate Sorush mode, and fly around the area before you see floating green fragments. Collect the 3 fragments, and return towards the Pari. Finding number seven also requires you to get with the ‘Khvarena of Good and Evil’ quest line.

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