Learn about how exactly all of Tamriel’s characters obtain voices with this particular deep dive talk to ZeniMax Online Studio’s own VO Lead, Becky Ichnoski!

    We are excited to talk to The Elder Scrolls Online’s own Voice-Over (VO) Lead, Becky Ichnoski, who takes us through the months-long process of preparing, recording, and adding voice to ESO’s many characters. There are approximately 300,000 lines of VO in English alone, and all that is planned, recorded, and implemented by Becky and her team!

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    Hey Becky! Could you introduce yourself to us and inform us about your role at ZOS?

    Sure, I'm Becky Ichnoski. I'm The Elder Scrolls Online’s Voice-Over Lead, and I happen to be working on the sport since 2012. I lead the VO team, including our two VO supervisors, Jessica Crowe and DB Cooper, plus me.

    Let’s jump right into it! Broadly, what's the process for adding VO to the game?

    I also have to limit the VO process to three separate chunks.

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    There's pre-recording, which is basically casting, actor assignment, creating scripts, and preparing recording sessions. Then there's recording, that is done in both the studio or, more regularly these days, remotely. That’s whenever we record a particular voice-over. Finally, there’s another stage, post-recording. That’s whenever we get all of the VO that people recorded back, integrate it into the sport, and polish everything.

    What is the next step during the pre-recording phase?

    So, to start, we jump into the sport and play with the content. Things are a work happening, but you want to get a feel for the quests and satisfy the characters yourself.

    We work with writers to obtain an idea of who the main characters are and who we would like special casting consideration for. For those characters, we’ll create sides (audition information with art, descriptions, plus some lines) and mail them to agencies. We make use of a lot of different agencies. And inside a few days, we’ll obtain a whole couple of auditions back.

    In certain cases, an author has written a character having a specific actor in your mind, so we’ll also request a read from that actor.

    Do you've got a recent illustration of a time when an author wanted a particular actor?

    Yeah! Dhulef in the High Isle Chapter, whom we've got Phil LaMarr to experience. The writer had LaMarr in your mind, also it all exercised well.

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