Diablo 4: How To Claim Pre-Order, Deluxe, & Ultimate Edition Re

  • With d4 buy items now officially launched, those that purchased a special version of the game for example pre-order, deluxe, and ultimate editions are asking themselves where to unlock their extra perks. These perks consist of four events of extra playtime to mounts and battle passes.

    Luckily, unlocking these materials is very simple. Once you reach a particular milestone, they'll automatically become available. For information regarding what these milestones are, and the best places to locate these perks if they are unlocked, stay with me.

    Diablo 4

    Unlocking Special Edition Rewards

    While most content is going to be unlocked in the early stages, you'll notice that the Lightbearer and Temptation mounts are notably missing. This is because you'll want to gain access to mounted travel by completing the quest Mount - Donan's Favor. This quest will not be until Act 4, so unfortunately enjoy walking. Once you have mounts unlocked, you are able to equip them with barding likewise.

    Everything Else

    For all special content beyond mounts for example cosmetic sets and emotes, you'll need only to complete the prologue with the game. You'll know the prologue is complete whenever you hand Lorath his amulet in the quest Missing Pieces. For mounts, however, you'll want to first unlock mounted travel in d4 buy items. Mounted travel isn't unlockable until Act 4 of the game.

    Once the information is unlocked, you should locate the place that the game puts it, and equip it. Our guide can be used to give you all the information you may need on how to unlock your purchased content, the best places to find it, and approaches to use it.

    Your unlocked Emote Wing of The Creator is going to be included in the Emote Wheel. Open this wheel by holding the up key about the D-pad within your controller (or the E key around the keyboard). Cycle with the three wheels for various options, then select you to definitely perform it.