Elder Scrolls Online Complete Gold Guide for all Players&Beginn

  • Although there are no shortcuts for producing ESO gold quickly, even having many methods available out there. It can be frustrated in terms of struggle and time. Anyway, no need to worry; in this guide, I listed the five widely used methods to farm ESO gold. You can sell your farm material to make money on ESO. Based on my findings I found that you can quickly generate gold easily if you go through the following methods for ESO Items farming.


    The Antiquities method is one that you can do at any level and will earn you around a million gold over a couple of days. It is a bit of a grind but it’s a lot of fun and it will net you a ton of cosmetics and furnishings along the way. Leveling your Scrying and Excavating to level 10 will earn you close to a million gold if you do it properly.

    The key to the success of this method is at the very end you will dig up a treasure that’s worth 100,000 gold and you can sell it to an NPC merchant. Combine that with all of the 5,10,20,50 thousand gold and treasures that you’ll be digging up and selling to NPCs along the way and you’ll find yourself nearly a million gold richer on the second day.

    The first thing you’re going to do is travel to the zone of Artaeum, you can either get here by doing the first zone story quest in Summerset or you can teleport to a friend or guild member that’s already here. Once here, you are going to dig up the green, blue, and purple leads that the game automatically gives you until you get to Scrying and Excavating level 5. This is the perfect zone to reach level 5 as it’s the smallest zone in the game and you never have to run more than a few feet to get to the next dig site making this zone incredibly efficient for leveling up your skills.

    Once you have hit level 5, you’re going to all of the zones as seen on the right. Look at your map list and you’re going to do them all one at a time. You’re going to dig up the free green lead that you have which is found by opening up your Journal and choosing the Antiquities tab and clicking Current Zone. The Current Zone will list a green lead, every zone has a free green lead that you can dig up as many times as you want.


    PvP can actually be a good source for gold. Simply trade your Alliance Points for items that you can sell for gold. Here are merchants that you can buy items from for AP and sell for gold: Adhazabi Aba-daro the Golden, Elite Vendors in Vlastarus, Bruma and Cropsford, Battleground Vendors.

    Join Guilds

    Even if you are new to ESO, you have probably seen people that are recruiting for trading guilds. In ESO instead of a centralized auction house or AH, players use guilds to set up merchants around the world to sell their goods. Only members of the guild that employs the specific merchant can sell their goods there.

    Farming Materials

    Another effective method of making gold is farming materials throughout Tamriel. Material nodes can be found scattered across the world, with some areas offering higher node densities than others. To maximize efficiency, devise a farming route in locations with high node densities. You can find resource farming routes on various online resources or by using add-ons.

    Keep in mind that node spawn timers are affected by the player population in a zone and share timers with other nodes. As a result, some nodes will only produce materials once other nodes have been harvested. This makes starter zones ideal for material farming, as they're often populated, and many players need to be actively farming. Farming materials is a straightforward method of making gold—run around and harvest any materials you come across. Following specific routes can optimize your farming efficiency.

    While farming materials can be repetitive, it can be a productive activity while waiting for other in-game activities or listening to a podcast or audiobook. Remember to pick up everything you see, as it can be valuable based on the parameters outlined earlier. Don't be swayed by recommendations to skip certain nodes from other sources; it's best to gather everything you come across.


    Also, thievery is a good source of getting ESO Gold, if only you are lucky enough. The best advice here is to be careful and to the job in good spots. Watch out, because they may change frequently. Learn the spots, don't draw attention and during doing pickpocketing always keep behind your target. If you get captured, invisibility potions can turn out useful. Sell stolen goods and earn from them.

    The main advantage of thieving:

    Risky but more profitable than, for example questing.


    Once per day per character, you may pick up daily crafting writ quests at a “writ board” located in multiple different cities (you have to first become certified, although this hardly takes any time).

    Daily crafting writs in ESO are simple quests that require you to craft a handful of items specific to the writ in question. For example, a woodworking writ may require you to craft a handful of staves, or an alchemy writ may require you to craft a specific potion.

    Once completed, writs can be handed in at a writ dropoff location – an area in the town that has a handful of boxes that can be interacted with to complete your quest. After handing in your writs, you will receive a reward coffer.

    These writ reward coffers contain a plethora of useful items associated with the writ in question. A reward coffer for a woodworking writ has the chance to drop woodworking upgrade materials, for example, like Rosin or Mastic. A reward coffer for an alchemy writ will yield a handful of alchemical reagents, like Cornflower, or Bugloss. These reward coffers also have a chance to yield master writs. Lastly, there is a chance that you can receive a survey, which is a map that will take you to a special location that has plenty of “rich” nodes related to the writ in question. These rich nodes yield far more resources than your average node, so I would highly recommend doing your surveys!

    Besides having a chance to drop all of these really resourceful items, writs also reward you with a sum of gold upon completion. For many, even experienced traders, doing daily writs is an integral part of their daily ESO routine. In fact, many players complete their daily writs on all of their chacracters because of how financially rewarding they are.

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