Honkai Star Rail: Currency Guide

  • Honkai: Star Rail Accounts have proved to be full of fun things for players to accomplish. You get to tackle the role of The Trailblazer, a mysterious being who wakes up using a Stellaron, an excellent force of their time. You can harness great and bad these forces, much to the shock of people around you.

    Honkai: Star Rail Accounts

    Throughout the industry of honkai star rail buy account, you would run into different forms of currencies. Each currency can be used for various purposes in different ways. Therefore, it is usually pretty tricky to understand which currency is designed for what. There are eight main kinds of currencies you are going to run into in your adventures. These are Credits, Hertareum, Oneiric Shards, Star Rail Passes, Star Rail Special Passes, Stellar Jade, Undying Embers, and Undying Starlight.

    Credits are the most common style of currency hanging around. You can obtain them by playing the game naturally. They will originate from completing quests, investigating objects, adventuring, destroying objects, killing foes, and opening chests. You can also obtain them as rewards without a doubt achievements for example increasing your Trailblazer Level.

    This currency is going to be the first one you encounter among gamers and will most likely be the one you employ the most. The in-game description reads "This currency, utilized by the Interastral Peace Corporation to accounts having its customers, is widely accepted as being the hard currency for space travel."

    Credits can be used for a variety of things. For instance, if you wish to level your character up, you will have to use Credits combined with items accustomed to level up. These can also be utilized to upgrade your Weapons and Light Cones. Finally, you may also manage to purchase things from various merchants employing this currency.

    The final style of currency will be the Undying Starlight. It can be obtained by pulling 4-Star (or more) characters and Light Cones from Warps. The in-game description is "Splendid gems formed each time a shooting star fell in the sky."

    Similar to the Undying Embers, Undying Starlight enables you to purchase materials and things to level up and get some new character. These can be found in the Starlight Exchange. These items are of upper quality than those found within the Embers Exchange.