Honkai Star Rail: All Available Light Cones, Explained

  • Honkai: Star Rail Accounts, like several other games like another popular game from HoYoVerse, Genshin Impact, carries a weapon system, which in cases like this is called Light Cones. However, unlike Genshin Impact's weapon system, there aren't any specific weapon types in Honkai: Star Rail that characters are limited by. Every character can equip Light Cones to reinforce their combat capabilities. Additionally, when characters with matching Paths equip a Light Cone, they could activate the Light Cone's passive ability.

    Honkai: Star Rail Accounts

    While any character in Honkai: Star Rail can equip Light Cones, some have a very signature Light Cone that complements their abilities and Path. These signature Light Cones often feature artwork specific to the character, and still provide the best alignment using their combat style.

    How Do Light Cones Work in Honkai: Star Rail

    It's worth noting that Light Cones in honkai star rail accounts do not have the appearance of traditional weapons. Rather, they resemble cards that may be equipped with characters. Despite their appearance, they function similarly to the weapon system in Genshin Impact, especially in terms of the ascension system used to reinforce their strength. All Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail feature ATK, HP, and DEF values, rather than just ATK plus a secondary stat in Genshin Impact.

    When ascended, the values of the stats increase, however, the passive ability remains unaffected. Light Cones could be ascended nearly Level 80, and players can make use of the Superimposing feature to bolster the passive ability. This feature involves using duplicates of the identical Light Cone to further improve it, similar to the refinement system in Genshin Impact.

    In Honkai: Star Rail, the process of acquiring Light Cones has undergone slight modifications in each CBT update. However, within the most recent CBT, players have access to a variety of options for obtaining Light Cones. The primary method is through the Gacha system, often known as Warp in Honkai: Star Rail. Generally, players can get 3-star and 4-star Light Cones from any banner, having a guaranteed 4-star Light Cone or character every 10 pulls. While 5-star Light Cones are not obtained from Limited Character Banners, there are Light Limited Cone Banners readily available for players to assure a 5-star Light Cone in the event the pity limit is reached. This system can be very similar to your pity and banner system in Genshin Impact.

    In addition to the Warp Gacha system, Honkai: Star Rail offers other techniques for players to get Light Cones. One such method is thru various shops. Players can buy a 5-star Light Cone from the Warp Exchange Store, while 4-star Light Cones can be bought in other shops like the Starlight Exchange Shop (just like Genshin Impact's Starglitter Exchange) and as well Battle Pass exclusive light cones. Moreover, players can get 4-star Light Cones over the Weekly Boss System, quests, and limited-time events. Currently, we have a web event ongoing until May 24, 2023 (UTC+8) where players can purchase the 4-star Light Cone "Make the World Clamor" in conjunction with some 4-star relics. It is expected that there are often more events in the future for players for getting exclusive weapons.