Can You Buy & Sell Honkai: Star Rail Accounts?

  • In Honkai: Star Rail Accounts, any purchases or progressions you are making are associated with the Account you are making them with. This includes any characters you get, Light Cones, and events you complete. You cannot transfer your characters to an alternative account when you restart. They are stuck just using that Account forever.

    Honkai: Star Rail Accounts

    Players can’t even transfer items between servers when they accidentally start a different one than their friends. Sometimes players decide to start over, meaning they lose anything they obtained using their original Account. It’s a major decision and something that can finish up costing them lots of money. What does wind up happening is really a player tend to sell their Honkai: Star Rail accounts. But is the fact even allowed? Here is what you must know.

    Does Selling Honkai: Star Rail Account Break ToS?

    Selling your Honkai: Star Rail Account is against TOS and will lead to your Account’s immediate termination. This is clearly stated in the Hoyoverse Terms of Service, last updated on April 23, 2023.

    In the TOS, they claim that players “shall neither transfer, nor share, nor else make your Account information on the market to third parties, nor use another user (s)’ Account (s) without notice.”

    This ensures that even when you do afflict sell the Account, the participant who buys it's still at risk of losing it. If you don’t would like to risk losing your Account, waiting until you’re delighted by your initial characters before spending is smart.

    One famous method players use is rerolling their account until they have the 5-Star character they demand. This allows players to make use of the guaranteed 5-Star departure warp bonus until they secure the character they demand.

    Is It Possible to Buy or Sell Honkai: Star Rail Accounts?

    Yes, exchanging buy honkai star rail account is achievable, but accomplishing this will result in a breach of TOS. Despite this, players still take action regularly, there are even entire websites committed to it. Players can purchase/sell accounts on eBay and Player Auctions. Here, other players gather to auction off any unwanted accounts.

    Most of those accounts currently have decent characters and frequently a high Trailblazer level. A starter account may opt to use around $10, while an even more veteran account that has a character from a celebration banner can reach in excess of $100.