Lost Ark: Panda Island Mokoko Seed Locations

  • As you might know, Lost Ark has valuable Mokoko Seeds that will permit you to purchase certain perks. There are a plethora of Seeds to locate around the world. When you're done, you will be 5 seeds nearer to the 1,250 total.

    This MMORPG by having an abundance of quests provides you with plenty of chances to enhance your character, but you will need to work for it just a little. Mokoko Seeds, as well as their rewards, are a great way to enhance yourself in Lost Ark.

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    First Seed

    The first seed you are looking for on Panda Island is going to be on the far right side of the map. You will walk beyond the panda family, then approach a fox-looking character near a rocky cliff and twisted trees.

    Second Seed

    On the map, you'll head straight to your left so far as you can go and down a tad. You will then walk around toward the edge of the cliff and also the seed is going to be sitting in the middle of the path.

    Third Seed

    If you are looking at the map, you'll head northeast towards the middle section of the area. After walking a little towards the right of the area, you'll enter a secret cave bringing you to a rock-enclosed grassy clearing.

    The seed is going to be resting almost in the center of this area. This is going to be after the glowing orange-looking entrance towards the tucked-away area.

    Fourth And Fifth Seeds

    Heading down again toward the middle from the bottom of the map, you'll find the last two seeds inside a hidden area. You will need the Song of Resonance underneath the sheet music to gain access to this place. Once in that area, it is going to be another rock-enclosed clearing.

    One seed is going to be on the left side of the clearing from the rock wall. The other seed is going to be on the right side close to the long grass before the rock wall.

    Rewards For Mokoko Seeds

    The rewards for that Mokoko Seeds range from 50 completely up to 1200. The rewards include:

    50: Totoma Card

    100: Kindness Potion

    150: Stronghold Crew Application Form: Chicachica

    200: Vitality Increase Potion

    250: Crew Application Form: Cocorico

    300: Stat Increase Potion

    350: Mokamoka Card

    400: Paradise's Knight License

    450: 15 Eurus Blueprint

    500: Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko

    550: 3 Shy Wind Flower Pollen

    600: 20 Eurus Blueprint

    650: Crew Application Form: Poipoi

    700: Title "Mokoko Hunter"

    750: Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument

    800: Transform: Egg of Creation

    850: Stronghold Crew Application Form: Kind Paruru

    900: Wallpaper: Mokoko Village

    950: Masterpiece #32

    1000: Ship Skin: Blooming Eurus

    1050: Crew Application Form: Narinari

    1100: Title "Nice Smelling"

    1150: Masterpiece #44

    1200: Transformation: Mokoko Seed

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