Genshin Impact Leak Details Two New Enemies in Version 3.5

  • A new leak from Genshin Impact gives additional information about a set of Abyss enemies set to become listed in the game in a few days with Version 3.5.

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    A new Genshin Impact leak has shared additional information about a set of Abyss enemies coming to the sport within a few days Version 3.5 update. Recent patches of HoYoverse's hit RPG have experienced plenty of content added to the sport between locations to understand more about, new characters, along with a variety of quests and events. Version 3.4 saw the development of the Sumeru desert brought by using several unique puzzle-solving mechanics, in addition to new enemies for the cliffs and valleys from the region. Now, the sport's next update is placed to welcome a set of enemies in the Abyss.

    Genshin Impact's Version 3.5, set to launch in a few days, will feature several new contents throughout the sports world. The update's main event, the Windblume Festival, might find players going back to the Mondstadt region as the newest chapter from the Archon Quest will welcome the return of Dainsleif. The Special Program for Version 3.5 heavily teased the brand new addition to the Traveler's story using the Abyss once more to take the spotlight for that quest. Now, a current leak gives more details about two Abyss enemies coming by using it.

    A new leak from the Chinese forum NGA reveals some of the new mechanics featured with both the Rockbreaker Ax variant from the Black Serpent Knight and also the Frost Fall Abyss Herald. The Black Serpent Knight variant includes a berserk mechanic after attacking shielded characters, granting it bonus damage and resistance while making its HP temporarily immune. The berserk state also imbues the Rockbreaker Ax's attacks with Geo damage by having an eleven-second duration around the berserk status.

    The Frost Fall Abyss Herald will probably serve as one of the main bosses for that newest Archon Quest, bearing similar mechanics to some domains in the sport. The Frost Fall Abyss Herald will have a stamina reduction mechanic with a few attacks in the enemy lowering the player's stamina, much like Mondstadt's Forsaken Rift domain. The enemy will even occasionally hit players with AoE Cryo attacks alongside an auto mechanic that creates a shield once the Abyss Herald is on low HP. Both enemies are required to feature prominently in Version 3.6's Archon Quest.

    The new Black Serpent Knight and Abyss Herald aren't the sole enemies planned for the sport shortly. A leak from late recently revealed Version 3.6 is placed to introduce several new enemies, including variants of the sport's classic Hilichurls. Version 3.6 can also be heavily rumored to become featuring a new Trounce Domain, adding Sumeru's second weekly boss into the sport. Between new enemies, characters, and story, Genshin Impact's coming versions turn to add a substantial quantity of content to the RPG.

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