Elden Ring: How To Cross The Lake of Rot


    There are several different ways to cross the Lake of Rot in Elden Ring, which range from slow and safe to quick and dangerous concerning the approach.

    To cross the Lake of Rot in Elden Ring, players possess a few different choices at their disposal. Anyone with a Faith of 12 better should consider learning the Incantation Flame, Cleanse Me. In exchange for a part of a player's HP, this spell will cleanse the status effect and buildup of Scarlet Rot that accumulates as players make an effort to get over the Lake of Rot.

    Tip: Flame, Cleanse Me is situated south of the Eastern Tableland Site of Grace in Liurnia, inside a Fire Monk Camp.

    Another solution is always to carry rot-curing Preserving Boluses, consumables produced from Dewkissed Herba, Crystal Cave Moss, and an uncommon Sacramental Bud. The recipe book required to craft Preserving Boluses, Armorer's Cookbook [6], is available near the Siofra River Bank's Site of Grace. However, you will see situations when players don't have the stats to make use of Flame, Cleanse Me to eliminate Scarlet Rot, or lack enough Preserving Boluses to obtain across Elden Ring's Lake of Rot. In this case, you may still find feasible strategies players may use.

    How To Get Through The Lake Of Rot

    One method to cross the Lake of Rot in Elden Ring involves "bulldozing" oneself with the rot, sprinting non-stop over the lake towards the southwest until reaching the following Site of Grace. For this to operate, players will have to allocate almost all their available Flasks into Crimson Tears. 7-10 Flasks ought to be sufficient to outlive the Lake of Rot, depending on how a lot of Elden Ring's Sacred Tears players have discovered and how much HP they've. To get over the Lake of Rot beginning with the northern shore, run straight for the Grand Cloister ruins, not stopping until reaching the Grace.

    Alternatively, you have the standard-yet-risky approach to crossing the Lake of Rot; unlocking new footpaths by triggering pressure plates in the obelisks scattered over the lake itself. Players may use these areas as rest points to heal up, make use of a consumable, or just wait for that Scarlet Rot buildup to decrease. The pillars should stick out as safety spots, but be wary of the hidden death-spewing basilisks which will ambush the ball player upon arrival.

    Warning: Remember to go immediately after arriving at the large platform using the single broken pillar! Players who go left at this time while getting over the Lake of Rot are going to be confronted with a Dragonkin Soldier.

    Best Armor To Cross The Lake Of Rot

    For both the "bulldozing" approach and cautious method, wearing Elden Ring's Mushroom Set could be a considerable advantage for crossing the Lake of Rot. Upon donning the fungal outfit, adventurers will get substantial potential to deal with rot buildup, letting them cross the zone with considerably less suffering. This armor set is available within the Sweetwater Cave of Mt. Gelmir's river canyon.