Top 10 Best Weapons in Elden Ring after Patch 1.08


    What would be the most powerful unique weapons and runes in Elden Ring, these being the weapons that may deal, probably the most damage either in say the shortest amount of time in terms of DPS or perhaps a single hit, it is an important question for all those of us attempting to kill bosses, extremely efficiently and perhaps with that in mind, something you'd like to learn going into the DLC whenever that finally comes for that bosses, we discover there, we've picked 10 from the top picks with this kind of output and damage potential.

    Top 10: Cranial Vessel Candlestand

    So we'll work our way in the bottom up starting at number 10 that is the cranial Candlestick, but we actually recently tested it following the Patch 1.07 designed a change to the attack power from the Asher war, and honestly, it designed a huge difference, for a number of months many people are saying you need to test it, you need to try it, that it is very effective, the main problem with it is the fact that it's quite challenging off, you'll be interrupted, it is a slower animation, and also you need to be like right underneath the target to actually to get the harm out, however the fact is this can be a lot of fire damage and a large amount of enemies within this game, they're really weak to Fire and where that's the case, this is often insanely effective, additionally, it covers a pleasant wide range of this, to ensure that damage buff it designed a big impact, and also the thing is that you could overcome that threat to be knocked out from it by enhancing your parties wearing really heavy armor combining by using something like an iron jar aromatic, and also you can basically become immune and spam this fire rain consistently, it is simply one of these ashes of war that permits you to turn yourself to rock after which just start spreading the harm, the output potential of this again, it's genuinely impressive, all it took was that bit of Attack Battle buff to create this a real threat also it doesn't take a lot of an effort to create a build which makes that work, so we have been really astounded by that.

    Top 9: Hand of Malenia

    This is one of probably the most popular weapons hanging around, Hand of Malenia while using ash of War waterfowl dance, you are able to copy Melania and attack, super quick, very fast, as well as in a reasonable small area surrounding the field, if you achieve yourself a successive hip build that is super easy, just a couple of talismans along with a wondrous physic, you are able to Skyrocket your AR by yeah all from the consistent hits that happen if you use this ash of War, similar to the cranial Candlestick though, it's vulnerable to being knocked out of, so with a few heavy armor along with a bit of extra protection, you are able to make this work, but it's a bit harder to create work, the main difference here is the harm you can get, since it is got bleed develop on top from the successive hits is ridiculous like you are able to kill bosses in a single combination of this, and if you are able to get two full combos off very little is likely to survive, since it is going to be within the tens of thousands of damage, the issue is it is challenging it off, it takes clever timing along with a bit of luck with regards to you know enemy AI, it's undeniable though that it's really powerful if this works therefore it is another one we're feeling deserves a little bit of a highlight out there because its potential is extremely high.

    Top 8: Mohgwtn's Sacred Spear

    Its blood Boon ritual that Ash of War that was technically nerfed but it remains about this list, like the Nerf only affected the range from the ash of War which did affect things generally more in PvP, but even there it isn't that big of the deal, the AOE continues to be massive, and ultimately, if you are able to get the full three-part Channel off which does take a little bit of time admittedly, it'll deal outrageous bleed damage, just stupidly High, multiple pops as well as your ARS obviously gonna Skyrocket whenever you do it you buff your weapon to possess fire more bleed having a curse blood, it's among those weapons in which you just Spam The Ash of war, and type of laugh whether it ever reaches go off, since it is still got great range, you are able to start the cast going when say a boss is walking to you, and when it doesn't knock you out from it, it is going to lose the majority of its Health get 2 or 3 of those off as well as end game boss fights, also it's over it's done you've won, it's just a different one that you have to actually kind of work out a build to provide yourself just as much protection as you possibly can, however with the Poise changes that's more possible in 1.08 and Beyond that is nice.

    Top 7: Wing of Astel

    We proceed to number seven where things get tiny bit less awkward along with a little bit more straightforward and functional, the wing of Estelle, this really is Josh's basically favorite intelligence weapon and that he wanted this weapon about this list and for good reason, the ash of war is really insanely effective with regards to specifically DPS, when you can get good magic damage which again can also be another type of damage which has really good damage and a large amount of enemies are susceptible to it, you are able to reliably spam that at reasonable range, because the correct answer is a kind of Arc in which you place it, and when you just repeatedly put it, it pops and pops and Pops, since it is an ash of war which will actually stagger many bosses and also you don't need to be worried about getting a critical you are able to just keep doing the ash again and again, actually, the the main reason this weapon is about this list is because from the ridiculous DPS potential of spamming that Ash on the dummy on just one spot, and that's actually quite possible, since the ash only requires a moment to set off, even though you only reach cast it like 2 or 3 times consecutively, the boss will interrupt you you simply roll it after which immediately perform the next one the cast is the fact that quick, there are not many ways to enhance your magic damage of course like a weapon, it's incred edible though and we've always believed that that unique R2 that cost no FP to make use of outrageous.

    Top 6: Blasphemous Blade

    This is because just as much as this weapon is really the best weapon hanging around overall, because of the insane passives and benefits you've by having this weapon equipped by attacking by using it, with it lying on your back, the ash of War just being ridiculous or the mix of fire and physical that is a top tier combination, ultimately, it's DPS potential and power comes in the ash of War though, this is where it's the heaviest hitting, and it is a long range wide reaching that deals fire damage that is insane in a few fights, we tested this not too long ago having a fun mixture of dragon incantations and located that that it is able to steamroll the hardest bosses like Malenia even today, you're obtaining the benefit of lifesteal that is just wonderful, however the damage alone genuinely is extremely impressive, the DPS per second is not as high is other weapons about this list, but it is so consistent, because it is a quick and long range cast, you are able to repeatedly cast it within the shorter punished windows, and from long range providing you with consistent possibilities to deal that damage, You could reason that its DPS is greater than say Mohgwtn or Hand of Malenia off whereas blast with blade, you are able to still get that Ash off in a lot of small punished Windows, the limiting factor though is always that the DPS is not as high as from the weapons, also it's not likely to do just as much damage and just one hit.

    Top 5: Dark Moon Greatsword

    Let's proceed to one of our weapons that does a large amount of damage in a single hit, the Dark Moon Greatsword, a significant while ago, I was shocked by how powerful this, single heavy attack at the range is because whenever you buff it up you've access to the iconic moonlight great sword Arc attack also it costs nothing like a little bit of stamina, no FP, we're still bewildered that which was a thing, this is insane in most content obviously, but because it is a Charged heavy attack you can get talismans to enhance heavy attacks get talismans to enhance charge attack Its Magic damage, therefore we can tear a Magicka we can use other magic improving options whether it is the armor whether it is the other Talisman wondrous physics too for both magic damage along with a heavy attack it enables you to send out these staggering shots from range 6K popular or higher from the range along with a quick cast, it's honestly ridiculous.

    Top 4: Reduvia

    Reduvia that was massively improved in 1.08 so very recently, following the back from the Nerf of power stand status develop weapons being nerfed in relation to how much bleed develop, they are able to get daggers now absolutely shine as one from the best if not the very best way to get bleed develop, like a unique weapon, I believe this really is the best pick for bleed weapons for bleed develop and 1.08, they buff the daggers to possess not only far better range but considerably faster attack speed plus they were already pretty quick, this can lead to the hilarious capability to power stance two reduvius and merely run up and merely attack, burning through Health pools and becoming towards 20K or more in just one burst, I believe you can get up to 30k when you can just keep attacking and never be interrupted there are ways to create that possible, this really is also staggeringly effective in PvP, but that is not what we're worried about within this guide, as well as the ash of War that was given a melee aspect to it you are able to actually spam that just like a shotgun at Point Blank dealing double damage lots of bleed develop, that's also really effective too, so it is a versatile weapon in that way you've two methods to deal insane DPS and burst, close up using your melee attacks as well as at medium range using the ash of war or close up with that too, it is a top tier weapon, a high tier bleed weapon.

    Top 3: Envoy's Long Horn

    If you can get within boss, that's big enough and merely Spam the bubble, it's just stupid, one of the highest burst options we present in Elden Ring to start within those opening months, and remains just crazy strong even today, there are several different bubble Envoy weapons, and every one of them is generally good like for his or her weapon type and purpose, however, the longhorn sticks out by far using its ashram specifically as just having the very best output and easily one from the best outputs within the entire game out of all from the weapons not to mention unique weapons, but there's another weapon that people believe has higher burst in DPS, we'll reach that inside a sec.

    Top 2: Giant-Crusher

    If you are looking to do, probably the most damage in a single hit, there isn't a better weapon compared to Giant's Crusher, it features a unique heavy attack that's made for this purpose, and when you stack all from the different Buffs to enhance your damage, that's what this weapon will do it'll deal insane damage in a single hit, but it is entirely viable to scale this a little back does not make a move, so silly that needs like thirty seconds of develop, after which you have to die in such as the next second something more viable in which you're dealing like 5k or 6k popular, staggering enemies with those hits too, you can even operate a heavy build in which you are just max heavy Max Poise which makes it, so you are a trading machine and merely chunking out health bars with heavy attack after heavy attack.

    Top 1: Marais Executioner's Sword

    Because it was buffed as much as be a much more controllable where you are able to roll out from it which is nice, but ultimately, it is all about that Beyblade aspect that spinning that Corkscrew attack, which dealing successive damage, there is not a much better weapon for accumulating successive hits inside a short period, you basically use one Ash of war, and obtain an absolute Peak spot bike of AR, and if you are able to get off another one well most things will die as you are able to see, it's just outrageously effective for your purpose, even though you might not do say 16k in a single single hit, you'll do a much more than that in 2 ashes of War successfully dealing with, which's controllable because now we are able to roll out from it, should you mess up, you are able to just roll a panic attack and try again obviously damage like this causes many enemies to stagger and Sway and obtain knocked down, after which you can just go to town in it, it is simply stupidly effective, much just like a smaller version the regalia V arcade, consider the Malenia's execution sword is identical thing but better, I'm only giving the regalia solver mention here, it might have easily been about this list and perhaps even been like number 2 or 3 or something, but that'd be a little boring.