Elden Ring: Where To Buy Smithing Stone 1 & 2

  • Buying Smithing Stones 1 and two in Elden Ring might be a tiring task. here is an helpful guide to help you to get these hanging out.

    Upgrading your weapon is among the important techniques to increase your power and progress in Elden Ring. But to make it happen, you will need a lot of Runes, and a lot of Smithing Stones, specifically if you want to try a few different weapons out.

    Although you will find a few runes scattered around the Lands Between and also on defeated enemies, the quickest way to get your hands on them is to locate merchants and get what you will need. In this guide, you will find out where you'll get all the stones you will need.

    Merchant Locations

    You will discover the Smithing Stones of all of the merchants at the beginning of the part of the game. Below we've listed every merchant that sells Smithing Stones 1 and two.


    Nomadic Merchant: North Limgrave, between Saintsbridge and Summonwater Village, Smithing Stone (1),3/200

    Nomadic Merchant: East Limgrave, inside the Mistwood, Smithing Stone (1)3/200

    Nomadic Merchant: West Limgrave, near the Coastal Cave, Smithing Stone (1),3/200

    Nomadic Merchant: Weeping Peninsula, next to the Castle Morne Rampart Site Of Grace, Smithing Stone (1)and (2),3/1,200/400

    Isolated Merchant: Western Weeping Peninsula, next for the Isolated Merchant's Shack Site Of Grace, Smithing Stone (2),3/400

    Nomadic Merchant: Western Liurnia Of The Lakes, with the Liurnia Lake Shore Site Of Grace, Smithing Stone (1) and (2),5/3,200/400

    Twin Maiden Husks: Roundtable Hold, Smithing Stone (1) and (2) (After giving Smithing-Stone Miner's Ball-Bearing 1), Unlimited,200/400

    How To Find Smithing-Stone Miner's Ball-Bearing 1

    As you can see inside the above table, the Twin Maiden Husks are probably the best reasons for Smithing Stones his or her stock doesn't go out. But the twins won't sell the stones before you decide to provide them using a Miner's Ball-Bearing. For Smithing Stones 1 and two, the Ball-Bearing they might need is found inside the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel in North-Eastern Liurnia.

    The Crystal Tunnel is an extremely large mine, filled with Glintstone Miners who're available in melee and magic variants. Both types are incredibly vulnerable to Strike damage. You can also sneak attack most of the miners employed in the walls or simply ignore them. To reach the boss, venture out into the first open area within the entrance and head right. There are three Miners here. Heading straight on, in which you will see a further tunnel and, left from it, an excellent start. Take the lift, and you will descend into another large area with three miners before you decide to. Defeat these and stick to the left wall, in which you will discover another tunnel. Here you will notice several Marionette Soldiers, some hiding inside the ceiling. You can either fight these or just run straight through the Bradenton area until it opens into another Flintstone cave. In the Bradenton area, you can just run down the steps and continue straight on past the Miners into another tunnel resulting in another lift. This will get you right down to the underside level, in which you will discover a boss wall.

    The Crystals

    The Boss in the mine could be the Crystalian. Just like the Miners, the Crystalian is weak to Strike damage but very good against other damage types. It will retain this resistance before you decide to break its Stance the first time, so use attacks and spells that good Poise damage. The Crystalian attacks using a ranged throw weapon whilst performing spinning melee attacks. The Crystalian doesn't do huge damage or have much health, so concentrate on staggering it, and you will soon prevail.

    The defeated boss will drop the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing 1. Now you can take this for the Roundtable Hold and provide it for the Twin Maiden Husks to buy all the Smithing Stones 1 and two you want.