The servers may also encounter unadvertised issues

  • Thus, when EA wrongly launched a pack that FIFA 23 Coins included a transferable Hero item for a low price of 250,000 FUT coins The market was struck by the influx of cheap Heroes that caused it to drop and wiping out the supposed value of the more rare items. Players holding onto rare Heroes started selling them after they witnessed prices drop, which served to throw gasoline on the fire. This is understandable, though given that the rarity of Hero items can fetch hundreds of dollars in real-world value when sold on third-party platforms.

    The mistake has been corrected, with the pack only available for a short period of time but the damage has been caused. EA has not yet made a comment on the matter, and while the market has started to recover, the loss appears to be irreparable and it is yet to be determined what EA will do to correct the issue.

    Did you pick yourself up an amazing deal during the FIFA 23 FUT fire sale? Do you have any thoughts on the next game will be? FIFA 23 will undergo routine maintenance from October 10 The 10th of October is the date for routine maintenance, and EA Sports has already made an official announcement acknowledging the same. Routine maintenance allows the developers to improve the servers and ensure that the overall experience gets smoother.

    The servers may also encounter unadvertised issues where the service is concerned. Since the launch it has experienced major disruptions in the gameplay experience. It has led to players missing out on their progression when the servers for the game were previously offline without warning. However, there is a method to tell players when the game is Kick-off , in the comments section below.

    Manchester City didn't let off the pedal this game week, coming out cheapest FUT 23 Coins with a 4-0 win over Southampton. Erling Haaland was able to score one goal during the game, falling short of the extremely high standards that he has set in recent times. A brave performance from Dortmund has seen them rebound from 2-0 behind against recurring Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich, with two players particularly worthy of the inclusion on the Team Of The Week. Here is our predicted starting lineup for the FIFA 23 TOTW 4.